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Archive of August 2017

Corrections Policy Called Corrupt

Thu 31st August 2017:

A men’s group has labelled a new policy announced this week by Corrections Minister Louise Upston as “corrupt”. The new policy aims to reduce the likelihood that female criminals will be sent to prison. Spokesman Kerry Bevin for community group The Ministry of Men’s Affairs said the policy was an abandonment of the principle of […]

Fathers Speak Out at Parliament

Wed 30th August 2017:

Fathers are speaking out at parliament on Friday 1st September, the Friday before Fathers’ Day. MPs have been invited to address the concerns of disgruntled fathers who claim they have been neglected for decades and their parenting role abused. They claim ‘de-fathering’ has delivered many thousands of devastated families and led to further child abuses […]

Today’s Lesson on Equality

A Feminist instructer was dutifully educating a small group of eager students in a lesson in equality. Among the 10 aspiring students, who sought the ultimate prize, the Borg Award for collective understanding, was a young man keen to understand the requirements of the Feminist Master. Beside them, was a small bridge over a deep […]

MPs Blind to Parent Equality

Tue 29th August 2017:

Members of Parliament are blind to the damage done to families by our social policy and law that is skewed away from ‘parent equality’, said Ministry of Men’s Affairs spokesman, Kerry Bevin. “Father’s Day has become a tragedy for many families as de-fathering has continued for decades.”

Fathers Day Bowling and Mini-Putt golf in Kapiti

A free bowling and Mini-Putt family event will be hosted by Kidz Need Dadz in Kapiti from 4-6pm on Sunday 3rd of September. Kapiti TenPin Nikau Valley Sponsored by Kidz Need Dadz, KCDC and AVS

All the Parents Fault

This article appears in the NZ Herald and attributes blame for the current state of unruly youth to the parents. It can’t go without a mention – whether you can be bothered reading the article is a different story.

Dead Men Walking

Mon 28th August 2017:

Empty shoes March to Wellington 70 % of the shoes are men’s while eight are small ones representating children aged between 10 and 14.

That’s not what it was meant for.

Sun 27th August 2017:

“It broke.” “Yeah. Well, that’s not what is was meant for.” Wrong tool for the job. But a DIY lesson many of us would have learnt. “That will learn ya.” Was an expression I often heard from an old man who was watching the kids around him growing up. What about Feminists trying their hand […]

Police chief suggests non-English speaking victims of crime will be given priority with white middle class men at the bottom of the list

Sat 26th August 2017:

And they are still wondering why the angry white man voted in Trump. Police chief suggests non-English speaking victims of crime will be given priority with white middle class men at the bottom of the list

MILO on the Threat of Silicon Valley

Fri 25th August 2017:

Milo discussing Google: “Some people within that company have such extreme politics that science is off-limits when it comes to talking about the differences between men and women. That’s remarkable. And terrifying.” He is talking about the growing trend for “politically incorrect” organisations to be banned from the internet, and for search results to be […]

A few questions for Jacinda Ardern.

Thu 24th August 2017:

I put together a little video on youtube to ask a few questions of the woman who may be king after the election.

CYFs more part of the problem than the solution

I have a tale of woe with regards to CYFs (yes I know, not another one) I have been dealing with them for almost 2yrs now and every time they blunder into our path they leave us worse off. My daughter has some complex emotional and mental issues as documented by mental health. The process […]

Justifying the consequence

Mon 21st August 2017:

In two generations the application of Feminist thinking and goals has turned the Western World inside out. Today, the society around us, struggles to bear much resemblance to what many of us are familiar with, and likewise what is familiar to many has little attachment to the history it descended from. It is a confused […]

President Trump Was Accurate About Charlottesville

Thu 17th August 2017:

Trump may have bullshitted the working class in the US to vote for him believing he will care about their welfare rather than his own profit. However, his election was also related to a rejection of the claims of modern ‘social justice’ warriors including feminists, and a desire for free and frank speech that isn’t […]

Broken Families, Fatherlessness, Poor Discipline coming home to roost

National promises boot camps for children who have become serious offenders with long criminal records, and to fine and criminalize parents whose children under 14 years are on the street after midnight. Yeah, creative stuff. So previous governments financially incentivized family demolition and sole parenthood (meaning mainly sole motherhood), then reduced parental authority and options […]

Prostate Cancer? Who cares? They’re Only Men

According to Radio NZ Dunedin patients are waiting for many months, some well over a year, simply to get a biopsy after being referred by GPs for unpleasant symptoms and blood tests indicative of prostate cancer. Then when such cancer is diagnosed they are waiting for many more months to get treatment. Similar problems are […]

The Gods of Leisure and Consumption

Tue 15th August 2017:

Oops, look out, he mentioned the G Word again. But really, com’on, did anyone panic too much when Neil Gaiman, put American Gods on the market? Perhaps that was only because it was seen as a lucrative exercise, rather than a contemporary exercising of the mind. If you were to read that book from an […]

Media Stories about Today’s Man

Mon 14th August 2017:

Man, sole occupant of house, dies in fire Motorbike hits pole, father of three will be remembered Tetraplegic man, socially abandoned, calls to MP for help They got a hug, before he died Men dive for cover, as bullets fly I’m sure you’ve got the picture by now. If you find a story about any […]

Employee Minimum Rights, ALL GONE, overnight

Sun 13th August 2017:

It’s ALL gone! GONE – Relevant minimum wage must be paid GONE – Overtime paid at minimum wage per hour GONE – Four weeks’ paid annual holiday per year GONE – Eleven public holidays per year GONE – Payment of time and a half for working on public holidays GONE – Rest and meal breaks […]

Dangerous Stuff

We are all too aware of the Feminist bent, in this woman’s magazine. It’s been the new, woman’s day, for a few years now, and a distant cry from the Dominion Post, its news-stand ancestor. When it comes to admissions of age, yes I can remember the news criers on the street corners, “read all […]

Engaging With Dads Lecture at University of Auckland

GreatFathers, Family Start Manukau, Father and Child present Dave Owens, David Ringrose and Brendon Smith On Engaging Dads Early, Converting Tricky Fathers into Involved Dads and Engaging Dads around Perinatal Mental Health issues. This is a rare opportunity to hear from latest research, front-line experts and experienced support workers who have helped families and fathers, […]

Media Stories about the Bad Gender

Fri 11th August 2017:

This story from London shows a video monitoring clip of a male jogger pushing a female pedestrian causing her to fall and almost hit by a passing bus. The news stories all implied that pushing her into the path of the bus was deliberate and apparently the male jogger has been charged with causing grievous […]

Bottom Feeding

Mon 7th August 2017:

Most paid it little attention. Last Wednesday, when the news broke, the nation was preoccupied with discussing what most considered a far greater outrage: that a reporter had the audacity to ask new Labour Party leader Jacinda Ardern saw motherhood anywhere on her horizon. The Ardern story on collected over forty reader comments.

Barry Taylor Male Suicide Prevention Workshops

Fri 4th August 2017:

We have not yet attended these workshops so can’t yet endorse them, but the web page information suggests Mr Taylor is on the right track. We will send a representative to one of the workshops, and post this information here in case anyone else might be interested. Link to view website

Is Jacinda Ardern a Feminist?

Tue 1st August 2017:

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