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Archive of November 2017

No doubt there will be an Appeal …..

Tue 28th November 2017:,tsf

The Gang of Women Who Marry and Kill

Mon 27th November 2017:

These women should move to NZ where they would be treated by our male-hating feminists as brave crusaders leading the charge to make the murder of men by women legal. They won’t need any gang to commit the murders here, just do it themselves then claim they were abused by the dead men. They will […]

Only a Male Dead So Let’s Not Get Too Fussed

Sat 25th November 2017:

These teenage students brutally bashed another male student who died. The Crown decided it was no big deal and reduced charges to Common Assault following which the Court discharged them without conviction and ordered permanent name suppression. Lucky for these offenders they didn’t (gasp) gently touch a female without her clear consent. Now that would […]

Protest Today Against Family Court Judge

Fri 24th November 2017:

Today (Friday 24 November) at 4:30pm there will be a ‘Bothering’ protest at 223 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna, directed towards a Judge who has a record of alienating fathers from their children. An invitation is made to anyone who wishes to join this protest.

Survey on Australian Management of So-Called ‘Child Support’

Anyone experiencing or associated with the Australian so-called ‘child support’ system is invited to complete this survey we came across, conducted by Child Support NZ – Paying Parents Support.

Tony Veitch – Don’t Give Up!! I Support You !!!

Thu 23rd November 2017:

A few days ago Tony Veitch was the victim of a couple of female news reporters who voiced their own opinion re how upset they were about Tony getting a new Job at Sky TV. These woman reporters forgot to report how much money Tony paid his ex girlfriend for compensation. They did not report […]

appeals – info

Wed 22nd November 2017:

Hi, I want to learn about appeals from family court. Hope it can be of service to others. Any experience or links to info welcome. Many please and in thanks of you

Landmark Win for Men’s Rights

Sun 19th November 2017:

Organizers of the Men’s Summit 2017 have reached a settlement after Mirimar Links Conference Centre cancelled the use of their venue in April at short notice on the grounds of feeling “uncomfortable” with men’s issues. The Human Rights Commission mediated the settlement and according to the Men’s Summit team this was the first time the […]

Forced to allow ex access despite DV charges.

Fri 17th November 2017:

Please help, my daughter is being forced to unsafe and abusive visits with my ex. My daughter is 11 and lives with my partner and I full-time. The Interim Parenting Order states my ex is allowed supervised visits only. This is because my ex wilfully breached a trespass order and attacked me. My ex was […]


Thu 16th November 2017:

Is consent a political diversion? I offer my seed without reason I offer my egg without justification What are your thoughts?

Matrimonial Property Act Review for changes.

-Are you happy with the current division of property? -Will a proposal to make family violence a penalty in property division increase false accusations? -Would mental abuse also count? -Should property be divided according to who cares for the children, not 50/50? -How can the Family Court speed up decisions? -What happens if one parent […]

Canada’s Prime Minister & Chief Feminist Justin Trudeau to visit NZ

Mon 13th November 2017:

Jacinda Ardern has invited Canadian PM Justin Trudeau to visit New Zealand where they will discuss “redeveloping a feminist international development policy”, among other subjects. See here Justin Trudeau is responsible for introducing new sex assault bills that stops evidence that proves consent for sex was given. In Canada any photo or video text, any […]

In a Parallel Universe

Thu 2nd November 2017:

What may have been published if the gender was different in this Herald Story: Family of schoolboy injured in dirt bike prank don’t want charges laid

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