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Broken Families, Fatherlessness, Poor Discipline coming home to roost

National promises boot camps for children who have become serious offenders with long criminal records, and to fine and criminalize parents whose children under 14 years are on the street after midnight. Yeah, creative stuff. So previous governments financially incentivized family demolition and sole parenthood (meaning mainly sole motherhood), then reduced parental authority and options for enforcing discipline, handing over the right to use force in discipline exclusively to agents of the state. Now government aims to punish parents for the predictable child behavioural results of those foolish policies largely of feminist creation.

Meanwhile, schools are becoming more and more dangerous places with attacks by children against teachers occurring from primary school onwards.

Nobody seems to want to mention the elephants in the room. The elephants as predicted will grow bigger and soon will be squeezing us all against the wall. At that point the system will either collapse or policy makers will face up to the importance of families, fathers and male wisdom in raising children.