MENZ Issues

2017 Men’s Summit April 6th, New Venue

2nd Men’s Summit
Male Wellbeing and Gender Equality
Thursday 6th April 2017
The Bunker Lounge, Miramar Links Conference Centre, across the road from Wellington Airport.
• 9.00am Welcome, Facilitator Kerry Bevin, Ministry of Men’s Affairs.

• 9.15am- Bruce Tichbon, Families Apart Require Equality

• 9.45am- TBA
• 10.15am- Warwick Pudney, AUT Fathering
• 10:45am MORNING TEA
• 11:00 Dr Muriel Newman, NZCPR Shared Parenting
• 11:40 Hans Laven, Psychologist – Male Suicide
• 12:20am Greg Newbold, Canterbury University, Feminism and Rape Law
• 1:00pm LUNCH
• 2:00pm Promotional, Poster and Networking Opp. – Men’s Groups, Charities, Social Services – Personal Introductions
• 3:15pm Plenary Session, Summit Statement
• 3:45 Replies from Members of Parliament, Officials , NGOs
• 4:30pm Thanks – Kerry Bevin
• 4.45pm Putting Practice

(You could say “Told You So”….)

Media Release
Ministry of Men’s Affairs
27 March 2017

In early March, Kelvin Davis, Labour, pulled out of hosting the 2nd Men’s Summit scheduled for the Grand Hall, Parliament. As organisers began approaching other Members of Parliament to host the event, the Speaker withdrew permission for the organisers to use the Grand Hall.
Gender politics can be a “hot potato” for politicians. The welfare of the male half of the population, their female friends and children can no longer be side-lined by political ignorance.
A suitable venue has been set for the same day, Thursday 6 April, at the Miramar Links Conference Centre, just across the road from Wellington Airport. The Men’s Summit will go ahead as planned. The event is FREE, but there is no free lunch. Morning, Afternoon Tea and Lunch will cost $40.00 per person, payable on arrival.
The Ministry of Men’s Affairs, a community group because successive governments have neglected the voice and welfare of New Zealand men and boys, is pleased to raise awareness and commitment to ‘Male Wellbeing and Gender Equality’, says spokesman Kerry Bevin.
The Ministry of Men’s Affairs notes that under ‘affirmative action’ for women the Ministry for Women has received well over $100 million over twenty years. No Ministry for Men is mooted. However, David Seymour, ACT, agrees one is needed.
According to Mr Bevin, growing concerns about male suicide, male rape, domestic violence, prostate cancer, work safety, media denigration, employment equity, matrimonial property, male teacher shortages, under achievement by boys, judicial activism, legal bias, discriminatory sentencing, father alienation, punitive Child Support and inter-generational harm.
Military under-resourcing emasculates our capability in deadly missions.
The disengagement of men in society is well explained in Helen Smith’s “Men on Strike”
“It is too easy to point the misogynist bone at males or dismiss the damage feminism does.”
“Is there an MP in the House who is NOT apologetic about being a man?” Mr Bevin asked.
Make welfare has become a priority, an Everest, to be knocked off,
“Time to vote pro-male,” he said.
Further Information: Kerry Bevin 021 269 8353.