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Alice Williams, male-basher

This article, ‘Things I’d do if I wasn’t afraid of appearing masculine’ by Australian intellectual lightweight Alice Williams is a piece of destructive, sarcastic male bashing. We sent the following response but we don’t expect any reasoned reply. Why the NZ Herald would choose this rubbish from what must be a vast array of good, newsworthy and socially responsible articles on offer from around the world is difficult to understand, but can only reflect the editors’ wish to promote feminist ideology, to cause harm to men and to damage social cohesion. Note also that the NZ Herald did not provide any facility for readers to respond; this has become a common ploy by the Herald to ensure that critics of feminist b.s. are given no opportunity to be heard.

Our reply sent through Ms Williams’ own web page was as follows:

This article is full of appalling male-bashing and perpetuation of female-victim myths. Note that in the Reddit blog that you say inspired your article the male bloggers were mostly respectful of women and the feminine behaviours those men wanted to feel able to emulate. Yet you take the opportunity to indulge in discriminatory, stereotyping nonsense that amounts to hate speech, for example portraying ‘masculinity’ as lack of contribution at social gatherings, interrupting people, showing poor manners, taking up unjustified space on public transport, abdicating family responsibilities for a mid-life crisis, and being paid more for the same job. All of these insinuations are fallacious. You also imply that somehow it’s someone else’s fault that that you choose to wear designer jeans, wear make-up, wear a shirt or bra or communicate non-assertively or indirectly. They’re not, save perhaps going shirtless in some public contexts, which also applies to men albeit somewhat less restrictively than for women. We can anticipate your outraged response when we publish an article about men feeling able to take their female partners’ pre-existing assets when abandoning them, feeling justified in controlling the relationship between their children and separated mother, feeling entitled to claim constant victim status on spurious grounds, feeling able to deny the other parent any say over the fate of the foetus the men contribute to making, feeling able to stand aside and let women go to the frontline in dangerous situations, feeling entitled to spread myths about gender issues and history and to claim ‘unsafe space’ when anyone dares to challenge the b.s., and so forth.