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Child Support when Child is 18 but at some form of school???

Does anyone know what my liability situation should be after my child turns 18?; i.e. child will soon be 18 (next month) but mother has a history of allowing child to take multiple days off school and consequently impaired the child’s education. Child is currently not enrolled at any school that I know of because she left her last overseas school several weeks ago without a graduation certificate and mother, being an obstructive psycho, has made no effort to let me know what school my child is now enrolled in. She is now back in NZ so god only knows if her Canadian credits are worth anything as far as contributing to NCEA credits are concerned??? Can she just chop and change schools and still expect me to pay child support even though child will be 18, has only 60% of necessary overseas school credits which are the rough equivalent to Year 11 NCEA credits? Like I mentioned, I don’t know if these are transferrable. I hasten to add that my child is gifted in the most positive sense of the word and her academic achievements have been greatly hampered by her mother keeping her out of school, sometimes 12 months at a time. The mother has manipulated the system very well over the last 15 years and keeping my child at school until she’s 19, despite having almost zero chance of attaining her certificate in that time, is just another example of this. As a caring dad, I would love to think that one more years’ child support would help my daughter gain her NCEA and help set her up for life but my fear is that she will be setup to fail and face humiliation from fellow students just so her mother can get another year’s child support. I have every reason to believe this because her mother has seen to it that my daughter has only been attaining about one half of the necessary points per year so far and at that pace would need at least 2 and a half more years at school and graduate when she’s 21 (approx.). I have posted a similar post previously but the situation is now different as my child is back in NZ. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I have included some excerpts from the IRD site below:===
From 1 April 2016, the qualifying age for children to be included in a child support assessment is under 18 unless the child is aged 18 and enrolled at and attending a school. This change applies to children you receive or pay child support for and children you’ve named as dependents.
“Child support stops when your child turns 18. But there’s an exception to this. If your child is enrolled and attending secondary school in NZ or an overseas school, child support will continue. But you need to tell us their plans.”
“But since Tom will still be at school after his 18th birthday and we are told straight away, child support will continue until the day before he turns 19 – or the day before he leaves school – whichever comes first. However, if the school year finishes before his 19th birthday, payments will stop on the 31st December.