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Colin Craig and Cameron Slater

If either were my child, I’d definitely want a God to pray to for an explanation.

Apparently they’re both in the Auckland High Court exercising their Christian principals and suing each other for defamation. They deserve each other, they’re a couple of spoilt brats, and equally a waste of good skin.

Colin Craig the former Conservative Party Leader and Cameron Slater better known as Whale Oil the blogger were both warned by Justice Toogood about the judiciary not being an endless expanse of time and money, and to get on with it.

Of course,

there’s been many a good scrap that started over a woman, and no exception here, with these two shadow-boxing over Rachael MacGregor’s tits. Neither probably has, both obviously want to, but instead they’re trying to fuck each other over.

Slater saying that he didn’t believe the relationship between Craig and MacGrgor was consensual but possibly the result of a power imbalance.

“If I was a female employee getting letters commenting on my breasts, saying how beautiful I was, I wouldn’t have gone to the Human Rights Commission, I would have gone to The Police.”

Well, fuck me! Who needs a Labour Party to start a Sex Court, when we can all sit at home and watch this.

Yes, self-appointed inquisitorial-judge SomeoneSlatedHer (and former editor of The Truth) has taken it upon himself to give Rachael her, was-it-consensual, day in court, even after she took the financial opportunity, and got a settlement of more than a 100k for her trouble.

If you’re not familiar with the story, Rachel MacGregor is the former press secretary of the Conservative Party from the last election, when Colin Craig was its waxing lurical leader, who besoted by the blonde babe in their office, started writing her … some poetry.

It’s a feminist dream, proposed by the Labour Party, seconded by the National Party (Slater is the son of a former party president and a prime minister’s little buddy) and stage managed by the Conservatives.