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Dishonest Promotion of Prostitution

Did anyone notice this article in the NZ Herald with the title ‘Kiwis reveal experiences with sex workers’? The title suggested the article might provide us with some tales of warning and insights about keeping ourselves, our wallets, savings, health, marriages and reputations safe should we ever become customers of the prostitute industry. However, the article instead is simply a blatant sales promotion tool. One wonders whether its a paid infomercial, an industry piece accepted by a newspaper that always seems keen to publish anything promoting femaleism, or the product of a journalist wanting to promote prostitution as a general support for femaleism and women’s wealth. News article it certainly isn’t.

The article was based on a thread on Reddit and one wonders whether that internet company had any role in having it published. The responses in the Reddit thread included various angles but the article only mentioned those positive about becoming a customer of prostitution. Some of the positive responses in the Reddit thread may well have come from prostitutes or brothel owners keen to normalize prostitution, to encourage men to think positively about paying women professional rates for uneducated and untrained work. Why didn’t the article include the following kinds of responses that were in the Reddit thread?

Paying someone for it won’t ‘get rid’ of the stigma of not having had any success. You still won’t have had any success. You’ll have swapped one stigma (being a virgin – actually kind of a bonus) for another (dude who fucks prostitutes).

Odds are you’ll pick up genital warts. Condoms don’t protect against them and general infection rates are massive, especially among sex workers, and they’re not one of the ones that are screened for. If you want the gift you give an intimate partner you don’t have to pay for to be warts on her vagina, go ahead.

The advice in this thread is terrible. Do what you want, but don’t be surprised if you feel empty and pathetic afterward.


Dude honestly don’t worry about it. I think its just pointless to lose it to someone who means absolutely nothing to you. You will find someone, and at that point you will be glad you waited. Losing your virginity means nothing, having sex with a stranger is not worth it imo.


Bear in mind that 10 years from now you might have a partner and they might ask you who you lost your virginity to. So be prepared to either lie or be very up front about it.