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Entertaining Stupidity

It was always going to happen, but many people may still scratch their heads and wonder why?

We look around us and see not only the current rabble of destructive youth, but an increasing number of adult female offenders, in particular you might observe, the multi-million dollar fraud club of mischievous-maids. I’m sure they compare notes – “mines bigger than yours”.

Of course this would have nothing to do with the innocent progression of Feminism.

There are many disturbing irrational aspects to their religion, not the least of which is all women are God.

Now, please, don’t entertain me with your stupidity and start on about being an atheist, that’s not what we are talking about.

One of the primary requirements of Feminism is that every woman’s voice is heard. This – has aquirred many interpretations and places many requirements on their fellow men, the least of which is to just acknowledge her opinion [looks sideways, gives a look in the representation of, oh where did you get that from] – behave like a woman and they still don’t get it.

This particular aspect of Feminism has translated into society, with the social demand, that her opinion must be respected, accepted and acted upon, like some divine right.

This is a problem: Acting of the basis of stupidity, too often fuelled by the heat of the moment. To our own detriment, this has gone on, to an unacceptable extent, for at least two decades.

Yes, it’s taken a long time to sink in.

Historically, we have come to expect sensible decisions from our courts and administration, in that the shadow of the law might be all that is required for the majority not to become entangled in it. But alas, through our ongoing tolerance of the stupid, we have advanced stupidity, through the shadow of stupidity. We’ve turned the pyramid upside down, so to speak.

This is not a harsh representation of women, but the reality of the human ability to undermine society by not understanding our own behaviour. By tolerance of destructive forces, regardless of their origins or the gender of their origins, we destabilize what previously existed, and limit our ability to further develop our social progress.

We’re going backwards, regressing, by buying into a religion of stupidity. But of course, men will be to blame for this failure on the basis of not accepting the nature of their new God and the requirement to worship the idle.