MENZ Issues

Extremely experienced McKenzie Friend required for complicated PRA proccedings

Can anyone recommend a top professional McKenzie Friend specialist in Auckland.
The case is complicated and involves real estate based on a claim of a constructive or sham type trust, company that was simply an extension of a person, a business and de facto relationship. Large amount of evidence and most probably end up in HC or higher. Over $28k down the gurgler and I hadn’t even got into court fro a hearing. Had 4 FAM Court hearings since (self rep) and case going to be assigned to one judge. Been going on for year and half

Can’t borrow any more from friends/family and can’t get legal aid according to lawyers. Learnt if you provide to much factual evidence to prove untruthfulness and dishonesty in ex’s affidavits, Judges indicated and supported by ex’s lawyer to much to read and it gets struck out.

However Judge says can reapply to have parts admitted but puts hurdles in way. Don’t think lawyers/judges like self-litigants playing in their sandpit, so to speak… I don’t blame them, but I misguidingly believed it was a justice system NZ ran and not a legal system where it appears lies can be told with impunity and when you produce evidence of such, you get whacked by the system.

Any help would be appreciated… ideally need high profile ex-lawyer, QC or Judge that has seen the light:) and is now a professional McKenzie Friend specialist