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Fathers Speak Out at Parliament

Fathers are speaking out at parliament on Friday 1st September, the Friday before Fathers’ Day.

MPs have been invited to address the concerns of disgruntled fathers who claim they have been neglected for decades and their parenting role abused. They claim ‘de-fathering’ has delivered many thousands of devastated families and led to further child abuses when children are unprotected by their fathers.

Research shows that children who are alienated from their father are at increased risk of low achievement and serious life problems including suicide, violence and criminal behaviour. Parent alienation has fuelled social dysfunction and drives many children into a poverty trap.

“Absent fathers are a profound social failure no politicians have the courage to confront” said Kerry Bevin speaking for the Fathers At Parliament.

“We are at parliament to challenge these ‘lunch-eaters’ to address the most important social issue today.”

The spokesman believed an anti-male, anti-father, anti-family agenda has broken our society. He said that a national tragedy overwhelming families has been delivered through feminized media, relationship property theft, child support extortion, Family Court corruption, educational and child-care misandry, men’s health neglect, and unbalanced propaganda from the Ministry for Women.

“As another father commits suicide or goes berserk leaving vulnerable children, we will focus on the issues, encourage good fathering and try to enjoy Fathers’ Day with our without our children” Mr Bevin said.

Fathers At Parliament is supported by the Ministry of Men’s Affairs, New Zealand Suicide Prevention Trust, Family Court Enquiry Lobby, Families Apart Require Equality, Wise Guys Retreat and Friends.

Contact Fathers At Parliament on 022 594 8093