MENZ Issues

Forced to allow ex access despite DV charges.

Please help, my daughter is being forced to unsafe and abusive visits with my ex.
My daughter is 11 and lives with my partner and I full-time.
The Interim Parenting Order states my ex is allowed supervised visits only.
This is because my ex wilfully breached a trespass order and attacked me.
My ex was arrested and faces two charges of wilful trespass and common assault with a weapon all witnessed by my daughter.
During recent court ordered overnight visits the supervisor has broken her court promises and left my daughter alone repeatedly with my ex
and my ex has broken the court order not to discuss any court proceedings by bombarding my daughter with statements attempting to
change her mind about what happened
My daughter does not want to see my ex as ordered.
LFC interviewed my daughter and misrepresented her wishes resulting in the overnight stays. An attempt to correct this resulted in further more serious mistakes.
She has contacted LFC with her concerns and stating her wishes but LFC is refusing to act.
My daughter has requested LFC be replaced but this has been ignored and the LFC has told my daughter she must obey the Judge and she also said not to use email in future to ‘avoid confusion’.
The supervisor is my ex partner’s current partner’s Mother!
Despite my strong protest that ‘i do not agree, she is not known to me, she is not neutral’ in court the judge ‘made a ruling’ and declared the ‘mother in law’ suitable as a supervisor.
I suggested several other suitable candidates but my ex disagreed to them.
I even suggested Bernado’s etc and offered to pay if this was a concern, all ignored by the judge.
I have complained for three weeks following the Family Court website suggestions and have not yet had one single reply.
My daughter gets very upset days prior to her forced visits with my ex.
I want the visits to stop in accordance with her wishes.
I want the visits to stop because of the multiple breaches of the court order.
How can I achieve this and prevent my daughter from being exposed to further abuse and an unsafe environment?