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Honouring Zdenek “Sid” Hanzlik’s Sacrifice…

How can we honour Sid’s ultimate sacrifice?

I have a few things in common with the late Mr Hanzlik,-
I hate Hillman Minxs, Really hate them, You might be able to easily work on every part of them but that’s only because your going to need to. DJ reckons this is a good thing. Bullshit, I’m crossing the floor over this one. Assembled in Wellington you say DJ ? By who, public servants?

Sid being 25,000 out of pocket after fixing up one old heap of shit is all the evidence I need.
And the trusty urban dictionary backs me up-

MINX = “An alluring, cunning, or boldly flirtatious girl or young woman. Has unusual seductive powers such that she could commit acts that would otherwise be considered inappropriate, while still maintaining an air of class or poise.”

I wonder how Sid got seduced into still working on one so much, surely if you’re a mechanic and the client hasn’t turned up with a progress payment after a thousand or two you just throw a cloth over it.

But I have more in common with Sid than that I’m afraid, Like him and many or most of you I lost my parenting rights through family courts, My ex -wife applied to the court telling them that all my friends were gang members and that my daughter was in danger that I/they might kidnap my daughter from school.

I won’t bother defending myself in this page from that except to say that I don’t even have a tattoo.

I lost in court, I didn’t even get spoken to by the judge apart from being told I’d lost, quotes to remedy and likelihood of any real remedy made it too difficult to appeal. Fortunately I have managed to continue a relationship with my daughter despite the courts. I am FWOABW ‘lucky’. Recently though, my daughter has had heart problems and I can’t access medical information. Thanks a lot judge, I hope I get the chance to spit on your grave!

Also, Like Sid,  I have spent days imprisoned in a cell because of false accusations. I wasn’t convicted of anything just accused and locked up for being accused. My accuser would never have to be accountable nor would those that turned the key. The experience was much like being stuck in an elevator for a very very long time and told by the stranger on the phone – your’e not worthy of a call to the lift mechanic.

Also, like Sid, I had made the journey to Wellington this month to protest about father’s rights, I took the opportunity to join Kerry and Hans to deliver a message to parliament. It was an eleven hour drive each way for me and I turned up with a large sign that I had made professionally by a signwriter and another that I’d cut out myself from plywood. It was the second time I’ve made the trip this year for men’s issues.

Once the signs were seen by security, the barricades were put up to prevent us even getting to the steps.

Standing there, looking up at the govenment building gives a hollowing feeling of insignifigance. It was daunting, Sid burned himself alive just a few feet away from where I was standing that day.

After hearing the reports of his sacrifice, I was relieved to hear that he had died. Any recovery wouldn’t be worth the agony for him.

I sense many others who follow menz also felt a jolt to the core from the news, each of us having our own anguish and familiarity with the feelings that Sid must have had to close shop and go to parliament last Thursday.

I expect I’m probably not the only one that feels relief for him that its finally over, even envy for his courage and admiration for his sacrifice. I suggest he knew his battle was lost beyond return and he made his sacrifice as much for other men more than he did for own relief from his suffering. He could have just thrown a rope over a crossmember in the shed like hundreds of other childless dads do each year, but instead chose that he would make a difference, he wanted be acknowledged, he wanted to be remembered.

But was he? The media ignored the event as much as they could, one report I read said “because the matter is now before the coroner police can make no further comments “

There won’t be a memorial stone laid with Zdenek Hanzlik’s name on it at parliament or anywhere else.

We know that polititians and media will bury this as deep as coalstone, there won’t be any Hanzlik-gate.

I decided to do what I could and started emailing news of this to All the big guns of the MRA around the world of mens issues asking for support from Elam,Straughn, Fiamengo, Buchannan, Davies and Latham to name a few. There were some replies, Janice replied very kindly, Mike Buchannan had only this to say,

“ I believe there was once a NZ men’s party, but can’t find anything on it. I’ve virtually never heard from anyone in NZ, while Aussies are generous supporters. I regret I’m too snowed under with work to do more than send this email”

I interpreted his e-mail as “show me the money”.

I also put up this Post on TM messageboard…

Imagine if it was a Woman…
• Imagine if it was a female who set her self on fire outside parliament house.
Obveously not over the systematic removal of mothers from childrens lives because thats very rare. But say it was over some other critical Issue facing NZ women like the gender pay gap or the crosswalk signals not looking female enough or men sitting too comfortably on trains and busses. Perhaps she might have been ‘triggered’ and suffering ptsd by some man inappropriatly paying her a compliment about her looks or some disasterous other attack.
The entire political establishment would have been out there on the lawn fawning over the tradgedy. Everyone from shine, womans refuge, battered womans trust and the whole victim$ industry would have been jostling to the front to have their photo taken. Emergency services would be re-evaluating responce times , and they wouldn’t just be talking about her and her tragic life,- they would all cry for reasons why this happened and discussion would flood the media of what can be done about it.
A foundation would be set up in her honor and memorial weeping sessions would have overshadowed the election. A moments silence before everything.
But It wasn’t a woman, It was just a man, just a father who had lost his access to his children and blamed the Femily Caught$, One of the many thousands that it happens to each year. Nothing more than a bit of a nusance. The grass will grow back.
Something for many posters to test thier wit joking about.

We can spread the word, but there will not be any change’s made to the court structure from Sid’s sacrifice unless we ourselves make it happen.

So the purpose of this post is to talk about ways that those of us that want to, might achieve this.

I have some suggestions and I am asking that you rate them on a scale of 1-10 indicating if you think each idea is likely to be worthwhile.

1, We get over ourselves, unite, and stop bickering about the things we don’t agree on we let go of differences from the past., We honour the work done by UOF and Moma and other groups, but we start a fresh, with a new respect for eachother. We work on commonalities and minimise differences as we know this is a needed for cohesion and any real progress. No Snowflaking or taking offence unless you’ve been hit over the head with something heavy.

2, We find a central Auckland location that we can have a meeting at every two months on a Saturday afternoon, preferably with wifi so we can skype in anyone that can’t attend but wants to be present with basic amenities that we can discuss ideas, progress and build camaraderie.

3, We work out our priorities, obviously Family Courts is the elephant but there’s may other issues we can work out potential activism for. For instance I am as concerned for raising awareness of male DV victims as I am other family court issues. I would like to be on a sub-panel that works on this task.

4, We am to start a separate MRA website, not a discussion site like MENZ but simply a site that highlights issues, a site to show the public what our intentions are. The site does not identify its contributors for safety reasons. It’s a place where we can lead our enemies to for them to have clear understanding of the problems faced by men that we no longer want to put up with. A site where we can be contacted for negotiations.

5, Once we have established our goals and have set our tasks for ourselves, we keep in touch with each other simply with an email address that we all know the pasword to, that way any activism can not be easily disrupted as it might if we discuss things in this public forum. The email address will be used as a post for all internal communications within the group.

6, We try to spread our bets with activism both in writing, in person, with the proviso being that If any activism is likely illegal it must be put to discussion so anyone who want’s no part in it can withdraw, Im not talking about murder, Im referring to graffiti campains and placing notice’s on vehicles, accessing public property without permission etc.

7, We establish a basic treasury with donation from our members going towards our goals, Signage is the main priority for activism, I would like to have some nice ones made up professionally of Mr Hanzlik so we can take the old bugger with us to protests. Im thinking of ten or twenty bucks from our members at each meeting.
I have folding tables and chairs and other helpful things that I can donate, We should aim to have a public protest every three months innitially increasing with our capabilities and our means.

8, All public protests carried out with “men in black” style, if you don’t have a suit ( who the fuck does) go down the op shop or the family store and get some threads and find some shoes that make you look sharp so we can appear organised and presentable,and approachable.

9, At the first meeting we need At least 5 committed people, if we can’t muster 5 then we don’t have enough support to continue.

10, We always remember that failure to adhere to number 1 is the reason we will fail.

11, We aknowledge the time is now!

We are the men that can fix our societal crimes, we must try, we can’t revive the UOF and there’s reasons it no longer exists ( i don’t care what they are) we also cannot shoulder responsibilities for activism on Ministry of Men’s Affairs to organise everything as like many UOF guys that have been plugging away at these issues for many years they are -understandably, tired.

We are the ones that need to pick up the batton, and try to get help for the young men of New Zealand as they are confronting a legal system that has them in its sights. It will imprison them for no crimes, Enslave them to servitude, take their children from them and promote systematic abuse against them again and again telling them all the while that they are not worthy of concern.

“Retain the power of speech no matter what other power you may lose … Do what you will, but speak out always. Be shunned, be hated, be ridiculed, be scared, be in doubt, but don’t be gagged. The time of trial is always. Now is the appointed time.”

John Jay Chapman, 1900

Your thoughts gentlemen, please..