MENZ Issues

Justifying the consequence

In two generations the application of Feminist thinking and goals has turned the Western World inside out.

Today, the society around us, struggles to bear much resemblance to what many of us are familiar with, and likewise what is familiar to many has little attachment to the history it descended from.

It is a confused mess, and men are not completely but more on the loosing end of this rapid change.

We must reach a point, and perhaps we have, where no matter what a male behaviour is, we try and find a reason or a justification for it, simply to avoid continuing persecution.

This mirrors the behaviour of Feminism, finding no fault in women, through some unorthodox study, to make all women, normal and equal.

It is an impossible world – destructive world – that many, I’m sure, wish would just go away.

The real question is, what if anything are men trying to justify, because it is a consequence of the separation of the sexes, when we shouldn’t bother?

(There’s nothing wrong with us, and there’s nothing wrong with us either.)