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MPs Out to Lunch on Male Welfare

Media Release

Ministry of Men’s Affairs

3 April 2017

MPs Out to Lunch on Male Welfare

Despite long-standing concerns about the welfare of Kiwi men and boys, our politicians are “out to lunch” on Male Welfare, claims spokesman for the Ministry of Men’s Affairs, Kerry Bevin.

Issues adversely affecting the male half of the population, their female friends and children continue to be neglected, asserted Mr Bevin.

The Men’s Summit in Wellington this week is focusing on the pro male vote for the election. Men are looking for a political party that recognises that they need some help.

“However, politicians enjoy the free lunch funded by hard working Kiwi men.”

Anti-male views still seem to be sloshing around in the Labour Party embedded during the Clark era.

National Party tokenism politely ignores male welfare.

The Green Party and New Zealand First are disinterested.

The only party that has shown any interest in Men’s Issues is ACT. David Seymour supports a Ministry for Men and has said so publicly, said Mr Bevin.

According to Mr Bevin, this insult to male wellbeing is no longer acceptable.

The Ministry of Men’s Affairs spokesman noted the rise in male suicide; three-quarters of suicides are male, boys underachieving in feminised Education, no subsidy for prostate screening, matrimonial property gold digging, denigration of males in the media, false allegations going untested in our Courts and military under-resourcing compromising our security.

While New Zealand men have been grappling with these issues, without any help from the government, women have had well over 100 million taxpayer dollars invested in their welfare through the Ministry for Women, said Mr Bevin.

He also pointed to the increasing number of men, disengaging from society ……… “Going on Strike.”

“Why would you work, pay taxes, become a father, help others or defend a society that abuses you, your children and your rights?” he asked.

The Ministry of Men’s Affairs is a community group because successive governments have neglected the voice and welfare of New Zealand men and boys, Mr Bevin concluded.


For further information, contact Kerry Bevin, Ministry of Men’s Affairs, 021 2698353.

Helen Smith PhD, Men on Strike, Encounter Books, 2015