MENZ Issues

Police and Protection Orders

Last year, after my ex decided that she wanted another pound of flesh took my children from me under the guise of an interim custody order (I’m still fighting this in court). Prior to this (some 7 years ago and I’m sure no surprise to most) she obtained a protection order, which she then supported the removal off after 3 years. So remember “no current orders” other than the interim custody order.

While out at a bicycle race last year in which my boy was racing, his mother decided that she did not want me to talk to him or I guess intimidate him, and so she called the police. They arrived and spoke to my girl-friend who was in my car. They wanted to know where i was etc, but she had the thought-of-mid to ask them why they were here, to which they responded “there is a protection order”. “no there isn’t” she replied. “Oh yes there is” (I feel a pantomime coming on!). She insisted that there wasn’t, the policeman (yes I call a spade a spade) “yes there is, in fact i severed it on him myself not long ago”. “No you didn’t, what you are think of is the application for a protection order that she has just filed, which is before the court (who needs a lawyer when you have a gal like this 🙂 ). The policeman finally decided that perhaps she was right and needed to make enquiries with my ex. My partner ended the conversation by telling them that she was appalled that they would have the audacity to turn out to a family event and that surely this could have waited until later.

My point here, (apart from showing you how precise and careful the boys in blue are), is that somebody must have misinformed / misled the police when they made the 111 call that her ex was (and I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt) “here at a race with her and that she had a protection order, and that they needed to come immediately. What she had failed to tell them was that “had” mean used to have but no longer has, or “had” means “had requested one without notice” but had been rejected and put on notice.

Nowdays, I don’t see so much of the police (funny how things have changed now that they have been properly informed of the situation, however their domestic violence unit are actively trying to get one (a PO) put in place – I guess that will help them save face. In the meantime, I almost mis their regular appearance at my front door, accusing me of any event or bad fortune that comes before my ex. I don’t know why she is even called my ex, because I don’t seem to be able to get rid of her – you know like out of my hair!! But not to fear, as for the boys in blue, well I still get the occasional call, telling me that my car has been spotted driving up her (the ex) street, and I have to remind them, that I was unaware of it being her street, I thought she merely owned a house there! I tend not to worry about freedom of speech or global warming or Donald Trump these days. Rather I just watch as my basic human rights are now being eroded – my right to attend public events, my right to travel on a road or carriage way, my right to live without constant harassment from the boys in blue.