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President Trump Was Accurate About Charlottesville

Trump may have bullshitted the working class in the US to vote for him believing he will care about their welfare rather than his own profit. However, his election was also related to a rejection of the claims of modern ‘social justice’ warriors including feminists, and a desire for free and frank speech that isn’t repressed simply because someone claims to be ‘triggered’ or offended by opinions they don’t like.

Regarding the Charlottesville violence, Trump was quite correct in criticizing both sides of the melee. The white supremacists, neo nazis, alt right supporters and other like-minded folk had a permit to gather at the park to protest against the removal of a statue of Robert E Lee. Others who disagreed with those opinions ignored a fundamental principle on which U.S. democracy was founded, i.e. the freedom to hold, support and express one’s own political views. They attended with clubs and other weapons to try to deprive the protesters of their democratic right. Of course, the steel-capped brigade inside the park were also armed and quite happy to fight.

Since then, it seems that a majority of people have also chosen to ignore fundamental principles of freedom of political views and expression. So many continue to demand that those whom they disagree with should be prevented from existence and that President Trump single them out for criticism while turning a blind eye to the violence by the politically correct side.

The men’s movement has constantly been beset by the same attitudes. Media deliberately ignore their spokesmen, politicians ignore men’s issues and instead meet feminist demands to erode justice and fairness in how men are treated. When men tell the truth they are treated as though that’s a crime. But things are always changing and change is on the way. We need people prepared to express unpopular truths regardless of being shouted down or worse.