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Sex, lies and a baby: When dads discover they aren’t the father after all

News Clip

Its not so common to see news stories mainstream like the one above. You just couldn’t miss it if you were a member of parliament.

This site is about mens issues. But this problem is not just about men or even boys. Just reading some of the outcomes is harrowing for everyone involved. Daughters, sisters too have to manage when the truth comes out.

I was particularly taken from the comments made by Peet.

Some comment were about how hard it was to recover money from the fraudster. Most were about the heartache.

I can only guess why mothers to be choose fraud rather than identify the true father. I have listed some of them here.

1. The true father is a deadbeat and the mother doesn’t think he will be any good.

2. An affair while she was married. Mother decides to keep things easy for herself and simple by not telling her husband.

3. Mother truly doesn’t know. Mother makes a guess on who might be the best provider from a number of sex partners.

4. Mother discovers she is pregnant and decides to quickly sleep with another man who seems he might make a good dad.

Its not a complete list but you can add to it.

I think there might be a financial penalty when you apply for the DPB if you can’t name a dad. It doesn’t have to be the dad, just a man.

The human toll is more expensive than the money. Just so many lives destroyed.

If there was ever a reason to apply our fraud laws, mothers to be naming the wrong dad would be it. The news clip identifies some 160,000 men affected but I cant find any stories re fraud convictions.

There are some easy fixes.

DNA test for every baby, mother and father when born. A blunt tool. Perhaps make it optional if either parent is unsure.

DNA tests while mother is still pregnant. Again optional at any parents request.

I suppose the DNA test stops the child and man from being a victim. But the problem is who is going to pay for the child?

So what is Government doing about the problem? Nothing. Its a can of worms and its way to expensive to fix. The “any man will do” works because otherwise the costs go to the Government.