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The Quantum Court That Amazes Observers

The father of a daughter whose mother illegally brought her to live in NZ has had The NZ Family Court deny his application to have the child returned to him in his home country. This is a Court that defies logic and the injustice dished out to the father is horrific. No one should be in doubt about the situation if the gender of the parents were reversed.

The analogy to the 80yr old mystery of Quantum Mechanics is pertinent. We know this Court consistently advises that a child is better off with two good parents and that the rule of law is a fundamental cornerstone of its existence. Yet, when one observes its outcomes, all known expectations disappear out the window. We find it operating on a different unexpected set of rules. No amount of logic can explain this observation effect and the quantum decision lacks any common sense. Even Albert Einstein’s great mind struggled with the Quantum theory effect. Thank goodness there is one major difference between the two examples. One occurs in sub atomic physics and one in a social institution. The Family Court is an institution set up by idealists with a well known ideology that seeks to favour the female gender. Whilst we can’t change the internal operation of an atom WE certainly can change the Family Court.