MENZ Issues

Today’s Lesson on Equality

A Feminist instructer was dutifully educating a small group of eager students in a lesson in equality.

Among the 10 aspiring students, who sought the ultimate prize, the Borg Award for collective understanding, was a young man keen to understand the requirements of the Feminist Master.

Beside them, was a small bridge over a deep dark abyss.

Now, students, please pay attention and watch me closely … and the instructor proceeded to gracefully cross the bridge and return to the class.

Now, James, would you take your turn and do the same please.

James, confident in his endeavors strode forth to cross the bridge, but at the centre point of the arch, the bridge gave way, and James fell into the deep dark hole. A small thud echoed up, but nothing more was heard of James.

The instructor smiled, and raising her eyebrows in quiet jubilation announced, “And, that girls, is today’s lesson in equality”.