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Voting Age

If you are a student of recent history you would know, it is not that long ago that the voting age was set at 21 years of age.

More recently it was reduced to 18 years of age.

The three year difference brings in another quarter-of-a-million, or there abouts, young minds into the political void.

In the age of entitled youth, meaningless funding of often futile education and fictional skills, should we consider OUR disrupted children are,

a capable of voting
b in need of care and protection from political mischief

Does anything really think a Commissioner for children would have an eye out for politicians misleading young voters?

Where are the guarantees that children won’t be subjected to subtle political violence when political forces and mischievous politicians troll through our schools.

When teachers want to abandon the profession because of violence and disrespect, who is teaching our children political awareness?

In a country were so few children know their fathers, let alone any balancing political view, should men be demanding a rise in the voting age, and if so, what age?