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What We Can Learn From Adele’s Popularity

Filed under: General — Ministry of Men's Affairs @ 7:40 am Fri 24th March 2017

The heartfelt response to Adele’s songs by so many young people, especially young women, teaches us things. They are songs of love, heartbreak and yearning. After a period in which popular music became harsh, violent, frenetic, disrespectful and unmelodic, youth now revert to being much more deeply moved by slow, musical songs about relationships, emotional security and fantasized happiness. Despite the efforts of feminists to turn young women against men, despite the efforts of our laws to encourage women to avoid or to break up marriages and to not be dependent on men or marriage, the deep yearning of women and men remains romantic. Humans are a social, bonding species needing each other for survival, and the genetic forces will always outweigh political fashions and foolishness. Many of the young people overwhelmed with emotion at Adele’s concerts have experienced the trauma and harm of family break up during their childhood, and their tears and screams to some extent are expressing their pain.

Unfortunately, the MGTOW movement will never progress far because it goes against our genetic program.

Instead of wrecking committed relationships and families we would like to see laws, policies and financial assistance designed to protect the integrity of families and to support stable relationships, mutual gender respect and resolution of relationship problems. Increasing a nation’s economic wealth won’t bring a society significantly more happiness, but increasing the stability of families will.

10 Responses to “What We Can Learn From Adele’s Popularity”

  1. MurrayBacon says:

    Very astute comments, thanks MoMA.
    You suggest that MGTOW will not have a big impact, due to going against our DNA grain.
    I suspect that it is having a moderate impact already and this impact is slowly growing all the time. Young men are no fools, despite how some might present them.
    In my opinion, we need to look much more carefully at the incentives that are actually embedded into legislation and other social policies.
    Not what politicians say the objectives of these Acts are, but the actual incentives being delivered to citizens. This analysis needs to include the impacts of police policies of arrest the man even despite evidence and caughts failures to listen to evidence in criminal cases.
    Trust being crushed up, day by day, will take a long time to rebuild throughout society.

  2. D Taylor says:

    Hi there,

    My interest was piqued by the statement ‘the MGTOW movement will never progress far because it goes against our genetic program.’

    This is my first visit to your site, and I am not sure what MGTOW stands for?

    Also, I was interested as to what you mean about ‘our genetic program’, do you have some articles, books, or documentaries, that you would suggest I look at to learn more on this topic?


    D Taylor

  3. Jerry says:

    D Taylor @2; MGTOW = Men going their own way. Here is my interpretation of it. Its where men do not set up a dependent relationship with a female, but instead live their lives for themselves. They keep all they earn. From what I’ve seen they do have interactions with some females – but only on their terms, and not so as to become bonded to them. A MGTOW will not lose property or assets to women. They live live to the fullest way they wish without being answerable.
    It does go against our biological programming in my opinion – but in fact it is an entirely appropriate response to the anti-male world we now live in.
    Search MGTOW on YouTube – you no doubt will get other perspectives.

  4. Downunder says:

    Interesting topic.

    I’ve noticed the songs getting airtime on radio also following this trend. It has been a topic of conversation amongst friends.

    The music and lyrics may disguise this, but you could view this current genre as the contemporary protest songs.

    Feminists and sympathisers in the past have used music to further their cause, perhaps now it’s time for them to bleed.

    I don’t think men going their on way is anything new, we do what is necessary. NZ history is full of adventurers and Māori wives.

    I view MGTOW differently in that it is a consequence of an experience or understanding of a feminist society – a defensive response to social circumstances.

    As a ‘movement’ it is viciously attacked by feminists and I too doubt it will amount to much, but as a social consequence we are already seeing the fall out with some provinces having adult ratios as low as 90 men to 100 women, and declining.

  5. voices back from the bush says:

    5, Excellent article!

    Tom says, “My older brother, who’s 20, was dating a girl for a few months. She turned really nasty in the breakup and made a string of allegations to the police. That made me suspicious of women too. My brother’s a good guy.
    “Why should she be able to just say what she wants, accuse him of anything and then get on with her life like that? It doesn’t seem fair to me. I’m not sure what rights I have. Maybe none?”

  6. voices back from the bush says:

    This is another article about men protecting themselves from false accusations.

  7. golfa says:

    #7. If you watched Dr 90210 on TV, you would always see a female nurse with the Dr when he was doing a consultation about plastic surgery. With Doctors being so easily sued in America, it’s highly likely the female nurse’s presence is an insurance requirement. And a damn smart requirement too !

  8. Ministry of Men's Affairs says:

    voices #7: Interesting article but it avoids mentioning one of the most important issues: the risk to men of being accused of harassment or sexual assault. It’s ironic that feminist encouragement of such accusations is now working to make it harder for women to be involved in the highest ranks of political power.

    This article shows how lucrative allegations of harassment can be and how good are the chances that a woman will not even have to back up her allegations because she will be paid out simply to avoid further publicity for her allegations.

    The whole idea that a woman should expect to be made a multi-millionaire simply because she felt sexually harassed (or claimed to) is ridiculous. The implication is that being uncomfortably propositioned by a male in an ‘inappropriate’ context so badly damages a woman that she needs enough compensation to last for the rest of her life, as if the harassment disabled her from being able to earn her own income in the future. Of course, it’s rare or never happens for a man to get such a huge payout claiming to be harassed. In fact, it’s rare for a man to get such a huge payout when he has actually been maimed through someone’s wrongdoing and his future work ability has been truly compromised.

  9. Ministry of Men's Affairs says:

    DJ Ward #5: Thanks for finding this article; it brings out for the public some important truths about men’s experience in the era of feminist law.

    However, interesting that the only ‘expert’ comment in the article comes from a female. She expresses some insight into the destructive forces from the gender war but she doesn’t mention the fact this war is being perpetrated by feminists misled by feminist ideology and waging their war through getting parliaments to pass short-sighted, bad feminist laws that abandon fundamental principles of justice and fairness, among other strategies. She also seeks to define relationships as women’ self-delusional fantasies would define them, and thereby fails to recognize what men actually would need to rely on in a marriage or committed relationship in order not to feel the need for MTGOW.

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