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Archive of June 2018

Propensity Evidence

Fri 22nd June 2018:

In what seems to be a recent development to increase the rate of conviction for men accused of sexual crimes, prosecutions are allowed to use innovative forms of ‘propensity evidence’. A couple of recent cases, ‘Auckland builder jailed for rape…’ and ‘West Auckland man jailed for sexual assault…’ have allowed complainants from previous acquittals to […]

Men and Relationships in 2018

Wed 20th June 2018:

You are warmly invited to join us at Kidz Need Dadz Conference 2018. We are discussing a subject that touches many in our community – Men and Relationships in 2018 – Te tangata me te whanaungatanga i roto i te 2018. Key Note Speakers: Chris Bowden Victoria University; Male Suicide, Risk, Relationships and Responses Children’s […]

Foetal Drug Issues

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome became a recognisable problem and while this remains an issue for pregnant women we may be on the cusp of a much larger problem. These are issues that I don’t have any great understanding of so I’m writing generally about recently expressed concerns that prompt this post as I can see the […]

The Male Crisis

Mon 18th June 2018:

Is that possible? Could we reach a point where the anti-male hysteria drives a society, a whole country, especially a small country like New Zealand into the crisis zone? How many years ago did we start to raise issues like, Fatherlessness The possible effects on children How many issues saw no acknowledgement because

Male Post Natal Depression

Fri 15th June 2018:

Dad does a runner This is a far more complicated story than what first appeared. I thought it was worth posting as it appears to include a blended family situation, parental leave issues, but also support issues for fathers. How would you have coped in this situation? Depressed women in my experience do the same […]

Victims’ Protection Bill

New Bill put forward by the Greens (Jan Logie MP), and it’s passing appears to be imminent: Jan Logie states “The bill would extend leave provisions to include domestic violence leave as when women leave a violent situation it can be very hard for them to juggle court, counselling, housing and the needs of their […]

Rose McGowan leaves birthday wishes for Harvey Weinstein

Wed 13th June 2018:

Hard to tell if she is acting or not. Anyway. Just wondered how on earth can Harvey get a fair trial with all shows and media interviews before a trial even begins. Rose Weinstein said at the end of the view. “We Win”. That part I agree she has won already. No need for a […]

The Analysis

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think it was JP who announced late last year that, “Some of us are getting a bit long in the tooth.” And there’re veterans here, 20-25 years that I can see – any 30 year voices still out there? Yesterday, somehow I found myself in the MENZ archives […]

Prostate Cancer Saliva Test

Tue 12th June 2018:

I’m seeing the odd news flash on this but nothing substantial. It appears to be only in the trial stage but hey, having a spit in a jar has got to be less stressful than the fear of a hand on each shoulder … let’s pray for sucess on this one. Jokes aside, if you […]

Toxic Men: Hate Speech

Sun 10th June 2018:

Kirsty Johnston’s article directed at ‘toxic men’ was published by the NZ Herald but they’re unlikely to publish even a letter to the editor with a similar reference to women or any other group. Only for men is it considered acceptable to publish such hate speech against them. Ms Johnston’s vicious diatribe commenced with outlining […]

The Rise of the Older Man

“The dirty ole bastard next door has got a young floozie living with him.” I just bit my tongue. Nice lady, older conservative, perhaps even a little embittered, and felt the need to express her moral outrage. That was a few years back now, when another friend starting his second family was getting married to […]

Name your good or evil Counsel

Fri 8th June 2018:

Just curious- Probably been done before. I am curious of Good vs inept counsels out there. So name your good or evil Counsel and tell us why! There are of course two categories. Lawyer for Child and parties counsels. Good vs bad. I suspect the same lawyers will be found in both categories at times […]

Shared Parenting but not as we know it

Sat 2nd June 2018:

The young lady (Not her real name) was very up front about her history but proud of the length of time she had being (had been) drug free. “I’ve even had hair follicle tests to prove it, and I passed those too.” Telling me she really wanted to get her kids back, I asked

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