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Archive of August 2018


Thu 2nd August 2018:

If you are LUCKY? enough to have a mortgage it will probably effect your sex life, if you do not have a mortgage it will probably effect your sex life..the hours we are working have gotten longer and the travel times extended.. Is making our ends meet stopping our meeting, .. Some time ago an […]

The Thirty Something Girl

The evolution of our new social system, woman first society, call it what you want – how would you describe it apart from a bloody great mess? Amongst this are numerous new trends that older observers may be noticing. One I’ve noted recently is the Thirty-Something-Girl. Given the national shortage of men there has to […]

Use Your Imagination

Wed 1st August 2018:

This is a rather interesting case from the courts. A 30 year old man, who has name surpression, decided to film an interaction with a prostitute. He contacted the woman through a website which prohibits making video recordings. While they were engaged in their sexual activity she spotted his cell phone and realised what he […]

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