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Archive of September 2018

Concerned About Men Meeting – Saturday 3rd November

Fri 21st September 2018:

I’m new to this forum but on looking through past threads the expression “couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery” comes to mind. Last year there was supposed to be a meeting in Auckland on the 4 November about which there were many, many, many comments but as I understand it no action. So… There […]

125 Years of Feminist Stupidity

Wed 19th September 2018:

No apologetic opening statement. Today we will be subjected to the insufferable mouth pieces of New Zealand Feminism and who knows what that might produce. When you see it out there, or if it infests your ears, comment and link to it here. The bottom line … Something like a hot-line, for those suffering total […]

Summer Times is Time for a Concert,.. surely?

Tue 18th September 2018:

Long Summer nights in the City, we get to invite the bridge and rough sleeper guys, maybe the sallies will come, It’ll be like the seventies or at least a little bit West Side ( without the boozie allnighters of course ).. Why not organise a concert to raise awareness and money for the cause, […]

Timeline for Men to catch up

Each time a new voice appears in the room it is often without any knowledge of what has happened before their arrival. There is always the awakening that history is part of where ever we are now. There is often some distance between personal views and opinions and respective actions. We could create a Timeline […]

The Relationship Killer

Wed 12th September 2018:

It’s the BIG,,, the BAD,,,,it’s RESENTMENT! # and it tends to stem from, #- What we feel someone did to us which was unnecessary mean or hurtful #- What someone did not do for us #- How we feel when someone has not done enough for us I do not know too many men who […]


I read in a magazine the other day, in an article about Dads and his qualities,, it said….’.Remember,, you wouldn’t BE a dad if it wasn’t for your kids mum!’ Yes I think sexual education is an issue after all…unfortunately babies are being confused with welfare.

Business to pay extra leave to Victims…

Jan Logies’ Bill has passed, 10 days leave for domestic violence victims,,, as a previous employer in small business, I would baulk at the possibility of taking on a lady of that age for fear of becoming embroiled in her domestic problems, no one is ever going to see the other side of the story […]

Young Men, Mature Ladies..,,the trouble with it…

Tue 11th September 2018:

We talk about the lack of marrying kind gals,,, and there does seem to be a lack of them in my area of South Auckland, at least for the young men I know, two of my sons best friends, another friend in common, my own son and two of my nephews whom live in the […]


Our Modern Plunket Plunket in my view was a organization to help mothers, not one that I viewed as a child watch dog. In an internal Plunket document obtained by RNZ, the child welfare group said there could be fewer home visits and parents might have to travel further to clinics if they had the […]

Sex Offender Walks Free

This story from Australia A former female staff member of a prestigious school has walked from court after being handed an “extraordinarily lenient” suspended jail sentence for having sex with five male students in her care. NSW District Court acting judge Christopher Armitage said a “toxic culture” had developed in The Armidale School boarding house […]


Mon 10th September 2018:

Is it possible that Man pushed too far to keep Woman from burgeoning ever forward…and if so are Woman now not doing exactly the same thing…but worse.. Is this revenge????

Family justice reforms seek public support – closes 9 November 2018

Posted by Andrew Little on September 05, 2018 Justice Minister Andrew Little welcomes the release of a public consultation paper by the Independent Panel considering the 2014 family justice reforms. “The Panel is calling for public submissions, inviting everyone with experience of the family justice system to share their stories and have a say about […]

The use of Affidavits in Family Court

Thu 6th September 2018:

I do not think that the use of the affidavit is necessarily a good thing. You take a couple that have split, family is separated from the man, the women generally has rights over the children and she does not want to communicate. Then she gets to release her bowels on paper, causing yet more […]


Mon 3rd September 2018:

I THINK NOT….There is far toooo much to say, and some of you guys, have seen and said sooo much. FAMILY COURT NZ… Please do not treat all Men as violent, they are Fathers, Brothers, Sons, Uncles, Tax Payers and People. Please be eloquent in your approach to a family situation and uphold the respect […]

The Suicide Debate

Sat 1st September 2018:

We knew it was bad, but not how bad. Then the whispers started; four times as many men as women. The Clark Ministry wouldn’t be budged on making the figures public. Perhaps the previous government hadn’t been any better – I don’t know. More than fifteen years ago we obtained by dubious means, the most […]

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