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About Feminism

For the average bloke it’s about the monkey on your back and how to get rid of it.

When it comes to making some sense of Feminism perhaps the first reasonable answer that identifies with your circumstances and the way it has affected you is sufficient.

But when it comes to change within Feminism or to Feminism that requires a better understanding.

The word féminisme surfaced in 1837 and represented a body of thought within philosophy.

This material/writing isn’t that easy to find, but it’s there if you make the effort to hunt it down and you have to go back this far to get some conceptual understanding of their thinking. You may take the view that they were influenced to some degree by Hegel and Kant.

To put Marx in perspective he was 19 years old at this point of recognition of Feminism. Remembering that Marx in terms of influence is one of the most significant figures in world history, the anti-capitalist – the debate might be whether Marx influenced Feminism or whether Feminism found Marxism a suitable vehicle.

You might look at our own development with say the old age pension. The reason for its introduction is not so much that we were leaning in that direction but it was a means to avoid what was considered an intolerable situation in England with people forced to scratch a living until their dying day.

Likewise Feminism has been a constantly evolving beast that always has a contemporary side that they have become adept at managing on an international basis.

Others take a more practical view that the WW11 let women into the workforce and the Vietnam War let their political views aside from the vote out from behind their husband’s gate.

Then we are surprised by yet another ‘Wave-of-Feminism’ but we shouldn’t be. We should understand that the beast will not change from its original goals, from its endless demands. The more it is fed the more it demands. What it doesn’t accept it won’t acknowledge or skirts around.

The process does not change women in isolation (every action a reaction) and so men are in a state of constant uncertainty.

Our acknowledgement of this is historical – look what happened there.

If you want to express a philosophical interpretation, jump right in, opinions welcome.

If you’re a bricklayer and want to build a wall around Wellington you may also be able to help.

Regardless, the boys are not on the winning side of this war.