MENZ Issues


See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil..what a wonderful world we live in, as long as your are not one of the ‘accountables’…

Accountability is the new handshake and the spoken word a whisper….

Sitting in the Smoko room with a woman colleague, I mentioned a bit about a news item I had seen the evening before. She had no comment except to say “I do not really like to watch the news, just brings me down”… I am finding that people all around me do not want to hear of the ‘bad’ things, they dont want to be accountable, by opinion, even by thought.

Now I am self employed again, have been most of my working life and I am accountable for what I do….. In my industry accountability has stepped up a knotch and made me tick so many , many, boxes..many arses covered..all this work I do to make me more accountable, if I need to be shown to be.
However some people are far more ‘accountable’ than others any their accountability keeps them on their toes.
Business is accountable, workers are accountable, fathers are accountable. We all pay to be accountable

Children are not accountable, Solo Mothers are not accountable, Victims of anything are not accountable, beneficiares are not accountable, even justice is not accountable, unless something goes wrong.

I guess some of my point here is that when you are talking about the areas of making money and making cogs turn , this is the area where by you are accountable.
However in the area whereby you are either looked after by government, work for government or assist both of these categories, you are not accountable, unless something goes wrong.

So as a society we penalise the people who work to make money by making them pay to be accountable and in turn we get to support the unaccountable ones??