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I had a look at the Feminist Art Exhibition, on at the Auckland Art Gallery. It is showing until Sunday 16th June 2018.
I was quite surprised that the painting that I thought had the most “feminist” punch, was not in the Feminist Collection. It is in the Main Collection, nearer to the entrance.

The Woman Died I Care 1978 painting
Note: I have made no comment on the quality of the materials displayed. Best that you make up your own mind.
It brought back many recollections going back years (I am awfully old).
Then I wondered, are there any similar collections, recording the herstory of the Men’s Movement?
There are, but they are somewhat scattered and as far as I know, not well linked together.
I have a collection of photos and video from protests through the years.
I am keen that we don’t let these types of material slip through our fingers, as the years go by.
It is also possible that more active use could be made of them?
Anybody with relevant collections that they are willing to share with others, please comment or contact me privately.