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Brett Kavanaugh

I’m inclined to avoid US politics and have been critical of others for straying into that teritory rather than remaining focused on our own domestic politics.

I just thought I would say that before I get started.

The comment was made in this concerned men’s thread about the relevance of a US Supreme Court Nomination.

The devil is in the distance; not only is it a place far far away, you also need an interpreter to identify comparitive situations and translate them for the Kiwi reader.

In many cases, not only America, the same battles are being fought, in a different theatre.

Kavanaugh, as a Supreme Court nominee, is trying to avoid becoming a casualty of a well orchestrated gender media assassination.

Here’s the rub: He’s caught between his manhood and his professional territory.

In our professionalism we aspire or should aspire to be the best. The likelyhood of Kavanagh saying to the Senate that he is a casualty of his own complacency is highly unlikely.

Yes, we knew what was happening but we ignored for our own selfish purpose all those men being mauled by the system we were in charge of. The relevance of good men doing nothing and evil pulling the rug from under me, escaped me, well perhaps not, perhaps I just lived with the hope it wouldn’t happen to me.

But eventually the shit rises to the top if I can bring the message back home.

While I would prefer to concentrate on domestic politics, we may not remain so isolated as our Prime Minister on the world stage will be ruffling some feathers as discussed in this post.