MENZ Issues

Cooperation Among Men?

Occasionally I wonder if there might be some lack of unity among men in NZ, with respect to protecting their collective interests?
By querying that, I am not implying that men should “fight” against women as a total group. (We would lose if we tried, due to the large amount of fraternising with the enemy.)
I see it as working together might yield a much larger pie, not a zero sum game.
Anyway, the majority of NZers do work together, happily and successfully.
It is the fairly large minority, who have serious mental health problems, who are unable to cooperate and enjoy the best that nature can offer all of us. (Like myself, of course.) These same mental health problems impact onto children of separated parents. Despite the words of the Care of Children Act 2004, the management by familycaught$ often enhances these problems’ negative impacts onto children, to maximise legal worker’s paramount financial interests.
Of course The Family Mangle works so that it only takes one party to sustain a legal action through the caught$, or put more basically, only one party needs to have stability or at times mental health issues, to drag the other into that game. (Not even a zero sum game, but more like dead loss game.)
If men were to take longer than women took to get the women’s movement together, then men would have to be a bit stupid?
Especially as we have available on a plate, the methods that the women’s movement used, to bring women together and create mutual understanding.
Consciousness Raising from Wikipedia
Reading that article, reinforces that our unity and mutual understanding have gone backwards, in the last 10 years.
In my opinion, we need to understand the problems that give us heartbreak and identify constructive options for solving them. These solutions must be sensibly attractive to women too, or they will remain unimplemented ideas.
Some of the suggestions that have been made about child custody dispute management by the men’s movement, are now being tidily documented in textbooks, by respected UK and USA academics. With driving these ideas through familycaught$, maybe fathers could actually act to protect our children? Constructive change might be in the wind? doG, I hope so!
So, I suggest less infighting and more mutual discussion and support of initiatives.