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Court Favouritism Towards Females

While over the last year or two there have been some cases in which women were sentenced comparably to men, that remains a rare exception. Here’s a case in the news today. Compare that with this very similar case in which it was a father who responded to his child’s bully with a mild physical response. Neither the man nor the woman appeared to have any previous convictions. The man’s offence was even less blameworthy than the woman’s, in that his bullied son was a special needs child and the news article implied that he only shoved the bully whereas the woman pulled the bully by the hair, hit her several times around the face and caused bruising. But she was a woman so was discharged without conviction. Having a penis appeared to disqualify the man from having the Court consider the effects of a conviction and sentence on his future travel plans and life, whereas being a woman appeared to make those things suddenly important enough to protect her from even a conviction.

Men continue to be treated with much less understanding and compassion than women routinely are, reflecting fundamental sexism unchanged by feminist activities purporting to seek gender equality. If anything, the justice gender gap has increased both in law, for example sentences for offences that men mainly commit have been increased to ridiculous levels, and in practice given relentless demonization of men by feminists and white knights. Men continue to be treated as disposable, their culpability considered greater than that of women and their suffering, welfare and rights considered much less important than women’s.

We would prefer men to be shown the same understanding and compassion that is routinely shown to women in our Court systems. That will require revision of the real sexism in our society, being laws, policies, attitudes and conduct disadvantaging men. However, failing that we demand the women be treated as cruelly as men routinely are. If and when that happens we will quickly see changes to law and sentencing as the women start squealing about the unfairness of it. That won’t address the underlying sexism but will help many men.