MENZ Issues

DANGER DANGER free speech has gone missing

Dangerous Don,,, Canadian Far Right Speakers… who will put their neck out there next only to have it chopped off…

Mob mentality on the rise??

Upon leaving Lauren Southern said ” enjoy Shariah”… I looked it up and was astonished at the silent waves that have been crashing our shores…if this is not discrimination, if this is democracy???,

I am a little scared today.

I am not Racist, I like Don Brash, Don Brash is not racist, people out there just want problems to go away but no one is being forced to face certain realities..It is shameful for a culture to lay their problems on another, the shite family court system is awash with problems that have stemmed from vicious violences largely occuring in certain races,, but no one can speek so separatistly, the smacking bill was a good example of this.

I am a little afraid today.