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Effectively Resisting the Feminist Juggernaut

Instead, we would like to see many more thoroughly violent responses from men when feminist violence is done to them.

This excerpt is from MoMA’s original post on Jamie Lee Ross.

Many on this site have advised that we can learn a lot from the “old hands”. With them making quotes like that I’m not so sure that there is much of anything useful to learn at all.

Yes, yes, I know that I have taken the excerpt out of it’s context, but so will feminists when men’s rights starts getting some more public attention. Saying such things is a PR disaster.

On the 3rd November there will be a meeting of people who want to take action to make a real difference in men’s lives. My take is that we need to counteract the dominant narrative that men are bad. We need to say “Men are good!”

But I suggest that we need to do this in word and in deed. I suggest that to win support we need to take the moral high ground.

The Medium is the Message!

We need to say men are good and we need to speak and act as good men and women. Extolling violence of any kind will not be seen as good.

That’s my opinion. What do you all reckon?