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Family Court Inquiry 2018

If you’re out there at the coal face, no doubt you can smell the campaign fires burning. We’re seeing the smoke signals waving to each other through our technology.

Fifteen 15 years ago Jan Doogue described the court she had been part of as a failed experiment. It’s struggled from crisis to crisis ever since.

The current crisis, a backlog of applications clogging up the court process. Judges hours have been relocated from the District Court to try and alleviate the problem. We have a massive court system; for our small country we own one that’s bigger than what our Australian neighbours need to manage their society.

That might need to be a question worth considering; How have we come to need this massive judicial structure?

But even before we get underway, with this inquiry, well known system activists like Jacqui Blue and Jan Logie have been painting the grim picture at the United Nations, a country that is failing women, a court system that is biased against women.

They’re demanding the next best thing to a state of emergency, a Royal Commission of Inquiry. Justice Minister Andrew Little tells us government already knows what the problems are. Correct me if I’m wrong but he’s recommended a three person review panel reporting to his office about what they already know, while the selection process for a new Family Court Principal Judge finds a replacement for the retiring Lawrence Ryan – a man who looks prematurely aged if not ill from his experience.

If posts on this site are a reflection of how bad things could be, then surely the years of the last Labour Ministry destroyed the ambitions of many more fathers than recent years have.

To know it didn’t have the same level of corruption as many of us experienced would in itself be an unknown blessing in a secret court.

The public confusion, continues to grow, while campaigns and misinformation abound; spread by the well-oiled Feminist machine, out to advance the desperate case of female litigants forced to seek refuge behind the lace curtain. The public simply doesn’t understand this. They own preconceived ideas about what might be going on, but really, they’d be more informed about cannabis reform than family outcomes provided by the court system.

So, where do we go from here?

Will this be any more than a political whitewash and a new administration stumbling through the mess?

Are we going to regress to the volatile days from 20 years ago when young ideological lawyers ripped families apart in the name of Feminist progress?

Will this review consider only the need to make every woman a winner in another court of injustice?