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Greedy Thief is a Strong Female Lead

This was done as a comment to an historical post here but deserves its own current post.

This article describes further developments regarding the ‘accidental millionaire’ case described in the 2011 post on MENZ Issues that provided a snapshot of then current evidence for the operation of a ‘pussy pass’. The pussy passes for the thief Ms Hurring at that stage had been the media’s use of the term ‘accidental millionaire’ as a way of trivializing her offending, and the Chinese government’s blind eye to a wanted female that they would never have shown to a wanted male.

Although Ms Hurring played a full role in the offending for example by transferring money overseas and spending it, she received nine months home detention compared to her male co-offender Mr Gao’s sentence of almost 5 years imprisonment. Unbelievable but so predictable.

Now around $3 million of our taxes through NZ on Air has been provided to produce a ‘telefeature’ using Ms Hurring as “a strong female lead” to provide us with “the reasons behind her actions” and to tell the “such a great story” about her offending.

Is there something wrong with popularizing and enriching someone on the basis of criminal offending? Yes of course there is but when it’s a female offender, no worries. We can all laugh it off, respect her as being a brave, strong female and listen to the justifications for her greed and thievery.

The photos accompanying this article show the smiles of everyone around Ms Hurring presumably coming out of the Court at some point. Ho ho ho isn’t it funny when a woman commits serious crimes?

We will wager a bet that the telefeature will avoid consideration of Ms Hurring’s sentencing pussy pass, except perhaps directly or indirectly trying to justify it.