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I am campaigning to increase child and spousal support payments

TV3 The Project yesterday had a sympathy based item about how men have it so easy after separation and women need more Government supports with no strings attached.

As the item was only about 3 minutes long, there wasn’t enough time to mention suicide rates after separation. Or whether suicide rates are actually important anyway?
There wasn’t enough time in the item to include any opposing viewpoints. What they said was partly true, but not the whole truth. Anyway, it was a bit entertaining, so I guess it was ok?
In general, I have had a slightly higher opinion of TV3 journalistic standards in the last few months, certainly compared to TV1.
The piece seemed to be a duplication of similar successful media beatups in USA 20 or 30 years or 40 years ago. (Those who don’t learn from history, are doomed to repeat it. I guess that applies to TV3, as well as applying to us?)
Where is Greg Andresen when you need him. (He is an Aussy and far, far away.)
Bettina Arndt’s 2017 International Conference for Men keynote speech touched on many of the issues around relative compassion and sympathy for men.
Bettina gives positive ideas for getting the men’s movement moving. Men can’t just rely on “women enjoy getting forked”, or hoping that Mr. Gorsky will learn to have realistic expectations from his miserable life. He must gently bring his expectations from skyhigh, back back down to Earth on a Moonbeam or the like.
More subtle evolutionary based issues were covered by Karen Straughan’s speech about Evolutionary Realities. Keyword Neoteny starts at 10 minutes. But best watched from the beginning.
Just before you reach for the CoolAid with cyanide flavouring, watch Dr. Augusto Zimmerman talk about Abuse of Domestic Violence Orders in Australia. The speech sounds better with the CoolAid under the belt.
But wait, there is more….. Tanveer Ahmed — Male Suicide and Gender Prejudice.
Gender quotas, blue collars and male suicide How strong is the link? Tanveer Ahmed
Lets work together to increase child and spousal support payments and suicide rates.