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Intersectional Feminism – a man’s view

Warning: participation is not recommended if you value your sanity.

In a recent post The Social Purity of Feminism we can see how much the cutting edge of Feminism has changed its relationship with the society around it. It is sometimes hard to see how much we were already a Feminist compliant nation before the radicals of the 1970s disturbed the peace and blamed the Patriarchal-West.

Looking back to the speech in this comment on the post 125 Years of Feminist Stupity we can see how these ‘Third Wave Feminists’ have made selective interpretations of their Herstory to support this current agenda, and supposedly some continuity of original beliefs.

So, we’re left puzzled as to what this Intersectional Feminism (IF) might actually be … but don’t worry Feminists are not really sure what it is either. Yeah, you got it – The Big IF.

In respect of this it is better to understand its foundation and anticipate its outcomes and leave that group of mainly women to the early onset of senility.

We previously saw racial discrimination and sexual variance as close allies of the political Feminists while they pushed sexism down to the not required to be dealt with rung to avoid their own blatant sexism. This was blended into the new mantra of ‘women’s rights are human rights’ and this has progressed to how any oppression or any variation of oppression might affect any women, anywhere in the world.

I’ll say that again, because it is really their punch line; how any oppression or any variation of oppression might affect any women, anywhere in the world.

In some cases this is an academic discussion that may or may not produce a concensus, the easiest reached being the most drastic cases in some far off third world country in the grips of civil disorder rather than anything relevant to our own society. Outside of this the girl in street is asked to live their IF in the form of a religion, considering their every action in their daily lives in the light of IF in much the same way a Christian might be asked to consider their actions in the light of their beliefs.

That really is quite a dangerous intersection with a form of ideological elite delving into a global utopia that is expected to be acted out in various ways by the girls in the street and primary to their existence while suggested that they should look after their wellbeing while in pursuit of this Third Wave Feminist fantasy.

Uh huh. That accounts for the strange behaviour of some of our younger set of female politicians.

It is though, a schism in Feminism with many of the previously (mainly white heterosexual) successful females being held up as having abandoned the sisterhood for their own personal interests. Their memoirs will not be welcome, and if you’ve read the recent Hiliary Clinton book you may have noticed this reflected in the construction of her book – the head girl couldn’t be accused of abandoning all the oppressed women, could she?

What we do see now, is the elevation of sexism back into this blend of intersectional oppression but diluted into the world of women,; coloured, gendered, deprived, or oppressed or otherwise. Don’t expect that to relate to males unless you’re homosexual or a female identifying as male.

Read this Intersectional Oppression as basically synonymous with Intersectional Feminism.

There’s an added danger here for men. What of that odd group of men that see a place for themselves in this universal ‘IFy Elite’.

How might they react to the mere male?

What demands and expectations might they place on our behaviour?

How might they demand we change to reflect their demands?

The what if of the big IF