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Jacinda on the World Stage

Our prime minister told the UN that MeToo should become WeToo. It seems to us to be unbecoming and unwise for a head of state to support the ‘MeToo’ campaign on a world stage.


Well firstly #MeToo involves considerable sexism. It’s a call for women in general to come up with stories about men’s wrongdoing. It’s an attempt to popularize concepts such as toxic masculinity, male privilege and patriarchal power. By expressing support for #MeToo Ms Adern has supported discrimination against men, when she could instead have made more general comments against sexual exploitation that acknowledged it happens to both females and males and is perpetrated by both males and females albeit in different proportions.

#MeToo is sexist also in respect of the special privileges its supporters demand for female accusers while any fairness towards male accused is discarded. Women’s allegations without evidence are expected to be treated as facts. Wrecking the lives and careers of male accused is condoned and expected based on women’s unproven allegations.

Secondly, #MeToo is a form of mob rule without concern for due process of justice or the rights of those accused. There is no empathy for harm done to male accused. Dangerous stuff that would be considered totally unacceptable by Ms Adern if women or most other groups were the ones treated that way.

Thirdly, #MeToo is corrupt. There has been no interest shown by its supporters for the need to prove allegations. Most of the allegations concern events claimed to have happened decades ago but there is no acknowledgement that memories change every time they are recalled and long-term memories will almost always be significantly distorted. Forgetting a few fine details of what and how was said and done can colour events greatly and turn a benign romantic approach into harassment or exploitation. Even more recent memories will be greatly influenced by a person’s subjective emotions at the time, such that (for example) fully consenting participation with some fear of this becoming known to others can easily be recalled as a fearful experience due to the man’s behaviour. That is why careful, logical investigation, Court scrutiny and a standard of proof are so important. The lack of interest shown by supporters of #MeToo for matters of accuracy and honesty amounts to corruption.

Finally, #MeToo is a fad that is quite likely in future to become seen as an embarrassing episode of mass hysteria devoid of reasoning, fairness and human intelligent faculties. At that point, imagine how Ms Adern’s childish word change calling to extend #MeToo will be seen and portrayed.

It’s foolish for Ms Adern to pin her reputation and that of New Zealand on a cause based on such unethical and shaky foundations.