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Jami-Lee Ross vs Feminist Violence

While we may be critical of Mr Ross’ disloyal attempts to sabotage his leader and party (and probably other individual parliamentarians in the near future!) and/or we may also see him to some extent as suffering abuse for brave whistle-blowing, we applaud the fact that he has not rolled over and accepted feminist mischief against him.

The gender issue in this saga has not been highlighted much in media, but it has probably been the main catalyst for recent developments as made clear in some news reports like this one. Ross may well have leaked information about Bridges’ electoral spending, though the standard of proof for this seems only marginally better than the total lack of proof routinely used by the Family Court to wreck the lives of men and their children. However, his full-on war now is in response to feminist violence.

Bridges attacked Ross with a claim that four women had independently complained about harassment, or inappropriate behaviour towards women, or behaviour unacceptable for a married man, or something equally vague and likely lacking real justification. According to Ross, when he demanded further information Bridges threatened to find 15 women to complain similarly. Well, that would be easy against any man in the world in today’s toxic feminist climate.

There is an increasingly nasty war being waged against men. In true #metoo spirit, women now are prone to level accusations of sexism and/or harassment at any man who displeases them in any way. A good example was Serena Williams who in a fit of anger at being properly called out and penalized for cheating, ridiculously claimed the male umpire was being sexist towards her. Many men have colluded with the feminist terrorists, some of those men being misguided and others, like Bridges, self-serving and unethical.

Ross was having none of this nonsense and he is now taking revenge. We often feel disgusted when men roll over after allegations of breaching feminist political correctness, apologizing for all manner of unintentional and trivial wrongdoing according to feminist decree. Instead, we would like to see many more thoroughly violent responses from men when feminist violence is done to them. Not physical violence of course, but the kind of commensurate violence that Jami-Lee Ross is currently demonstrating. Whether he comes out more or less wounded than this enemies, we wish him well in battle.