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Making United Nations Human Rights Submissions (and Date)

Universal Periodic Review from NZ Human Rights Commission website
This process allows NZ citizens and residents to make a complaint directly to UN. In other words, the NZ Government cannot suppress the complaint.
Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights provides a more detailed summary about the UPR here.

Technical Guide (extract) best to read the whole document.
9. Stakeholders are strongly encouraged to provide written submissions that:
 Are specifically tailored for the UPR;
 Contain credible and reliable information on the State under review;
 Highlight the main issues of concern and identify possible recommendations and/or best practices;
 Cover a maximum four-year time period;
 Do not contain language manifestly abusive;
 Are no longer than five pages in the case of individual submissions, to which additional
documentation can be annexed for reference. Submissions by large coalitions of stakeholders can
be up to ten pages.

Key date
Submissions by non-Government organisations and individuals are due on 21 June 2018.
Thus individual submissions have very little impact.
Individuals can collectively have much more impact, by working together, in a larger group.
This results in groups who lack the skills to politically compromise and join together, being seriously disadvantaged at being heard at all.
So – work together!!!!