MENZ Issues

Meanwhile Men are doing the Business…

Massive movements are being made and Men are going ahead in the field of alternative vehicles.

We only hear about Tesla really but it is starting to rev up out there.

Could it be that Men are still doing the business and are still by their mere nature of brain and brawn striving to make better what they made previously.
But of course.
What do you know…..,,,reliance, resilience, resounding resource will always come from Man.

But of course even new smart technologies come with great cost, financially absolutely, but we must still mine our asses off to get these new technologies.
Saving the earth? triggering an earthquake, I had suspected but only recently found out that mining can in fact trigger these. So what can humanity do?, stop in its tracks?
No we will go where the money goes,, so for those of us that do not want a bar of that no more, well we can still almost do what we want and take only what we need, lie low and stand tall just being HUMAN, just as human as you want to be.