MENZ Issues

Media Awareness

The media face within the country is undergoing some significant changes.

This is a subject I’ve posted on before and it has upset some of our previous regular commenters, mainly because this has conflicted with the way they approach their use of the internet. Habits can die hard but we live in a dynamic fast paced environment and we need to keep pace with these changes.

There are two that need particular mention at this time;

ThIs Article posted during the week, from is a good illustration of what we might expect from a website that is one of the rising Feminist media outlets.

I’m waiting to see if this turns into a stoush between lawyers and the media, but expect this site to develop into a trial by media organization.

The second and more concerning issue is the content sharing arrangement between Radio NZ and the blog The Spinoff.

This has to be a major conflict for New Zealand journalism, media independence, and their own duty of self analysis. It will be interesting to watch their opinions evolve on this, but it has to be said that we can now no longer rely on the public broadcaster as an independent voice, when they have tied themselves to what is considered the ideological left’s goto place, for utopian thought, and news for the informed radical hipster.

Once again I’m highlighting the growing need for men, and apparently old white men who appear to be the villains this week, to be aware of the increasing need to be our own media.

The history of this site, that has all too often seen men, unwilling or in fear of sharing their personal experience because of the social clouds of Feminist discontent, should be a constant reminder of why.