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Name your good or evil Counsel

Filed under: General — JustCurious @ 10:02 am Fri 8th June 2018

Just curious-
Probably been done before.
I am curious of Good vs inept counsels out there.
So name your good or evil Counsel and tell us why!
There are of course two categories. Lawyer for Child and parties counsels.
Good vs bad.
I suspect the same lawyers will be found in both categories at times while some will definitely only appear in one category.
And this may be a useful guide for some whom are approaching the death pit of litigation in the FC.

I note this may lead to controversy and even affect some litigants negatively if they are still in the FC.
I therefore extend this post only to those that have already concluded their litigation and are out there licking their wounds or celebrating their partial only emasculation at the hand of lawyers and courts.

15 Responses to “Name your good or evil Counsel”

  1. Downunder says:

    Perhaps you should add a section for these three; corruption, collusion, conspiracy;

    How often has the secrecy of the Family Court been used to launch attacks on men?

    That is why some people can say things here and never be confronted – because there is an ugly truth in behind that too many people would rather not have told

  2. JustCurious says:

    Good advice downunder.

    RE: Collusion

    I have asked my lawyer once:

    “How can she use my name time and time again to drag me into court and create controversy over my kids?”

    What can I do to protect myself from litigation? Or protect my name so she can’t use it?

    Of course this is at a time when I did nothing wrong as a parent lawfully or legally.

    I will give 300 shares 25% in my company to anyone who can answer this question satisfactorily.

  3. Evan Myers says:

    I think you will find a large number of men quieting living a nameless existence. I mean that in the legal sense that they avoid visibility and use of there own name.

  4. JustCurious says:

    Very true.
    But does not address the issue.
    Hiding in plain sight is still hiding.

  5. JustCurious says:

    I know they use something we call names.
    Every time I go to Court and even if the Judge sees me, he asks me to STATE MY NAME FOR THE RECORD.
    For us it is a part of our identity.
    But we are not our name same as we are not our clothes.
    Or we are not our business name, even though we operate under it.
    So our name in some sense is that problem which is the forelock by which they grab us and drag us under and into the FC.
    How does one protect oneself so that one’s name is not used to create controversy?

  6. Kiwi Kieth says:

    I don’t think there is any way to stop others using and even abusing our names. Even name-suppression seems to mean little these days. Many folks use there middle name instead of their first, and that can cause a little confusion in some cases. But even if you changed your name by Deed-Poll, it would soon be used in official papers provided to the other party. Anyway since you are in business, name changes and hiding would seem out of the question. Can you get her judged a vexatious litigant? A harasser maybe?

  7. Downunder says:

    The harasser is the lawyer along with their bullshit court.

    The woman may have an embittered desire but it’s the bottom feeding clingons that are representing their own deficiencies and bigotry alongside that of their client and this is funded often by the state.

    UOF saw numerous cases where the ex partner was not the primary litigant. The IRD, a feminist organization or activist legal workers were establishing case precidents.

    Likewise there were numerous variations of avoidance that were inspired by self preservation from the individual circumstances, including those options preferred by accounting firms.

    The depth of this subject to most is an unknown quantity because;

    Individuals are reluctant to talk about it,
    The size of the quantity of variables makes circumstances very individual

    The only official investigation along these lines that I’m aware of was by an Auditor General (Lynn Provost) who concluded that the child support legislation was creating avoidance rather than a productive outcome.

    The experience here outside of a vexatious litigant is an extension of that where woman are pursuing some form of entitlement to spousal maintenence, alternative/additional child support.

    The situation is not discussed in depth here following the establishment of the child support unit separate from the IRD. This self contained terrorist unit chasing the big dollars and tax penalties surpresses the discussion by its presence and activities.

  8. JustCurious says:

    @6- I believe there is a way.

    Vexatious litigant is the long road.

    The point is not to hide your name but protect it in such a way you are your own judge of your own business.

    If anyone has a beef against you. No one can intercede or interlope in your business (daily life and affairs) until they have approached you and first tried to solve whatever beef they have with you. (of Course do not harm is the first motto.)

    Failing that, you can go to arbitration and last resort, maybe, go to court as we know it.

    At the moment, all one has to do is make a claim against your NAME and YOU BECOME guilty until proven innocent. And are hauled straight to Court.

    He abused my good name … so your name is your property… RIGHTS?
    Or she injured my person … so your person is your property… RIGHTS?

    So when someone approaches the police or the courts against you; what do they do?
    They give your name and make claims.
    And Boom!!! your name becomes the abuser
    But are you?

    Is there not something clearly wrong here?
    If a good man cannot protect his good name?
    What can he protect?

    @7 – I was reading about xanax
    I wonder what the percentage is of litigants that are on antidepressants?
    And how much of that medication is seeping through and fueling the litigation.

    You raise interesting points though.
    Child support is third party assisted litigation.

  9. JustCurious says:

    Scenario 1 Bad lawyers – Protection order

    You go see a legal aid lawyer, he tells you not if you do nothing, after three month protection order is extended automatically to 1 year.

    Scenario 2 – Bad Lawyer – Without Notice in the FC

    Makes allegations of abuse, meets threshold and care is suspended until safety determination are made.
    Lawyer does nothing. Waits for first case or judicial conference. And states to judge in your behalf, you will not seek an admonition or restoration of care and does not ask for a finding of fact.
    You at home thinking someone is looking after you.
    Lawyers thinks what a bounty, maybe a year or two to get your kids back. All costs paid to him.

    Scenario 3 – Useless lawyer – Bad case management – Flows on from case scenario 2

    Finally case goes to hearing but inquiry limited to safety determination only.

    6, 7 8 9 20 32 months have gone by already and still no end in sight. Finally goes to hearing and you find that your lawyer has not bothered to follow up on the case. Lawyer for Child and ex decide the terms and scope of inquiry. A one day or two day hearing is called. And findings of facts are made finally. You are not violent. But you have not had the kids any sensible amount of time since care was suspended. You cannot go back to the shared care. The argument becomes then that a new status quo has been created and it would be harmful to return the kids to their primary element.

    Case Scenario 4 following on from scenario 2 – Care suspended.

    Parent too eager to see kids agrees to temporary parental order and accepts supervised visitation. Judge at first sits as a judge. Then he adjourns for 15 minutes and goes back to wear a different hat. It is not longer a hearing but a judicial mediation. But no one tells you. Lawyer puts bait on you and says well at least you get to see your kids now. And you agree not realizing you have lost that kid right there and then. When you go out to negotiate ; you abdicate your parenting rights. Your Care order is suspended, replaced with contact agreement and to be reviewed in 3 months (standard). 3 months come and go , no review. You have to go back to court and it never happens for a another year or more. And when you do, they reduce the cope to safety determinations only.

  10. JustCurious says:

    Essentially having a lawyer on legal aid is one of the most detrimental thing you can do to your case.

    Pay if you must or go on your own…. But I say and repeat stay off legal aid.

    Essential legal aid is the DPB for lawyers.
    You become their child against whom they make claims.
    They get paid whatever they do.
    It makes them lazy and makes them uncaring and unfeeling.

    It’s like a drug they get dependent on to fuel a lifestyle of deceit and that of an impostor.

    Rather than advocates, they prey on the weak.
    The pretty mother with too many tickets.
    The working father without any education.
    The misguided youth.

    And it is always the same argument:
    “we are not paid enough.
    They give us three hours for this or that but it takes 5 hours.
    I charge 200 hundred but I only get paid 85 per hour with legal aid.”

    And yet the people they represent may make up to 20$ an hour

    And yet you ask them if they have any private client?

    The answer is NO

    Legal is not all bad. It depends on the lawyer.
    But essentially, is open to abuse just like any form of welfare

    When you get a notice or a summon.
    They tell you seek advice.
    You seek advice and get saddled with a lawyer.
    From that day on you are fucked.

    Get the advice but do not get representation.
    Only incapacitated people need representation.
    Are you dumb and deaf or are you blind and weak?

  11. Downunder says:


    Those of us here who have suffered a similar situation to you can get a picture of what you’re talking about.

    Like you are finding, we too stumbled into a maize deceit, suffered disbelief, and were staggered by the advantages of secrecy.

    My point in saying this, is that anyone coming here as a Newby would find your writing very cryptic.

    As would anyone who didn’t have a shared experience.

    This is probably our biggest obstacle – the gap between the experience and the uninitiated audience.

    That’s something I would encourage you to think about, because what you are saying needs to be heard.

  12. Evan Myers says:

    The time lapse is significant too.

    Some of those commenting here would have had Lawrence Ryan as a lawyer who is now the Principal Family Court Judge or their Ex may have used Jan Dougue who is now the Principal District Court Judge.

    Some of dribbling idiots who were judges back then are of course now dead.

    You don’t have to read far back to know this question has been asked before but it may not be so easily answered now as there does not appear to be the same ears and eyes posting about what is regularly happening behind the secrecy.

  13. Guy says:

    There is one idea… change your name by deed poll to HER NAME. That should cause havoc.

  14. JustCurious says:

    @13 — that would create havoc all right ( could a birth date be changed by deed poll too?) And place of birth? How about gender?

    @11 – I think that is the idea. He who feels it knows it. But those whom have not yet undergone such invasive emotional and psychological pillage and destruction would have no idea. Except of course those whom seek this site because they are a burning for answers. Those are ready to hear what they may not yet understand.

    I just spoke to a guy I have known for 15 years.
    First time I heard him say he spent 100,000 in the FC.
    He said Lawyer for child and her lawyer basically made mince meat of his lawyer.
    And he finally only made headways when he swapped lawyers.
    Even then the judge basically told her, “you are on your last leg here.”
    But then I had to get out of there, he added. But I saw him on holidays.
    I asked him if he sees that child still?
    He said “nope, he wants nothing to do with us.”
    I asked him, “who is us?”
    He said …”me, my three adults kids and their families and my ten grand children.”
    I asked him, how old is he now?
    He said sixteen.

    another youth wasted

  15. JustCurious says:

    @12 _ I do think judges do love the intellectual masturbation cases provide them.
    They actually feed off it.
    It’s like a fiery puzzle they need to crack.
    Some crack it and forget to extinguish it.
    Whilst others crack it and stamp on it.
    Some miss the point entirely. But warmly comfort their ego as they add fuel.

    Former lawyers as judges,
    They first become aware of the other side of the coins they dealt ONLY when they graduate to sitting on the bench.

    Even some that were true idiots actually do come out at times better.
    They can see their own former self reflected in the counsels before them.
    And see their former clients in each litigant.

    What better opportunity to re-educate oneself.
    And REFLECT on one’s own past actions, opinions and convictions!?!?

    In these cases the type of Judge we get are two fold.

    Some are blind and act only on what the law says (even if at times wrong.)
    Those are the buzzards and vultures.
    Only survival concern as a vulture is to “pass the blame”.
    The law is like a hot potato for them.

    Those are still lawyers but sitting as judges.
    Imposters who sit front row.

    Some other are actually beyond savvy and know exactly what of the law applies.
    And know all the ins and outs of the life of an impostor.
    These know best how to use this same law to bind the hand of the oppressor.
    Even when all the dices are stacked against the oppressed.

    And These are the hawks and eagles.

    But yeah, time jumps for sure. Same $hit, different day.

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