MENZ Issues

Resigned from Society

This is an issue that I’ve been watching for a while but wasn’t decided how to pitch it.

Basically my concern is, that too many men after years of dedication to a career are unceremoniously retired from their position based on bias against men.

In saying that, I also see a cumulative affect where indidividual groups can’t separate their professional responsibility from their personal prejudice, and it rolls from one institution to another.

In looking at our recent male teacher who after a 40 year career is found to be not guilty of malicious and false allegations of a sexual nature intended to vindictively end his career, there is no acknowledgement of what has been achieved and how many people have been helped by this one person.

This is after the investigation escaped the diligence of the education administration and the police if not others in determining the validity of the allegations before any damage was done, not to mention the media in following up the damage.

That might be the lower end of the spectrum, however we have recently seen the resignation of our CDF (Commander Defence Forces)

While Tim Keating has been listed on this site as a participant in the White Ribbon Rort, let’s not look past the fact that this man has made a lifetime commitment to the armed services.

His standard three year appointment was extended by one year and his retirement is not unexpected.

The media who rightly or wrongly are focused on their pursuit of information in relation to Operation Burnham have written up his departure as a running jump to escape responsibility.

I’m finding this lack of acknowledgement pales in significance to the instant glorification of the slightest achievement by often insignificant personalities who have made some random achievement, and this needs to be mentioned because they are female, or is it just because we’re short of news and click-bait.

It doesn’t take much thinking to realise that the shadow of this lack of social acknowledgement will not inspire others to follow in their footsteps.