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Submissions and concerted action about Crown accountability

I know this site has some great minds and maybe a few retired people that can dedicate a substantial amount of time for the benefit of others.

I think, in my not so humbled mind that what we need is a dedicated working group to offer submissions on all things affecting the population of NZ.

This group can (rather than individual submissions)

It has just dawned on me yesterday that in fact, we have all we need to make a change.
Such structure can be easily set up here and a working body defined that can cater to our needs as they grow.
What we have here – of course with John’s blessing –
is untapped potential in so far as instant access to information and a collaboration platform.

Why accountability?

Currently, social workers nationwide are shitting bricks because of a certain bill that has had its second reading.

As it stands the law as written is so fucked up you would think some high class lawyers had their junior clerks giving them fellatio whilst they drafted the law.

And it seems these clerks knew exactly when to stroke long or fast. It is clearly apparent at 25 of the Social worker registration Act 2003.

So as it stands, a social worker

Of course registration is optional so really, there are no laws at all governing them.

There are guidelines however but those seem to be things that their lawyers alone are aware of but not the social workers.

Currently social worker’s associations are lobbying hard out to discard this bill that will make them accountable.

Here is the social worker’s summarized thoughts (scrap the bill)