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The Case of Tania Baron

Recently employed as a Police Inspector, Tania Baron’s exit from her position has been closely examined by the media.

Stuff News understands:

That her departure is related to Ms Baron forming a relationship with a 17 year old boy whom she met at a local cycling club.

While there has been an inquiry into her behaviour as a Police Officer Ms Baron has been cleared of any wrong doing.

It is noted that her husband was also in the police and has recently left.

My immediate thoughts go to yesterday’s conversation where a teacher was disciplined and dismissed for an inappropriate relationship with a pupil.

Considering the social relationship between a police inspector and an adolescent at a cycling club, a question is raised as to why this inquiry is an employment matter and the subject of a confidential agreement between the employer and a former employee.

If as stated Ms Baron received a confidential payout one assumes she left the ’20 year career she loved’ in the face of moral objections from the Police Administration. In that respect I am drawn again to yesterday’s conversation where a teacher with a 40 year career was cleared of any wrong doing after he was the subject of false allegations and question what if any comparitive compensation he received?