MENZ Issues


Those whom have been apparently blind to a swell of mis-truths and dangerous exaggerations in recent times will surely be starting to see, these the judges and lawmakers….

It would be great to think that big change could be made, you know to say, a more european family style court system, if it were to go this way it would take substantial time I am sure.

The question is, if the FC were to take a better approach, and given that they will not want to turn it on its head any time too soon, what can help protect the family, up hold the family and mostly do what it is supposed to do in that it must look after the kids.

I read that one society had a mediation which included five judges. We could have ‘mediation judges’ specifically perhaps.

There is a need to combat the current perjurous blowout and mis-use of orders, I hear too many times whereby bad and unlawful advice is given, and in some cases even encouragement to the use of perjury.

I have been amazed at the fervour and rate of interaction this review board is making.
They are gunna be hearing a lot OF THE SAME DAMN THEME.