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The What if of The Big IF

Carrying on from a previous post Intersectional Feminism – A Man’s View I’m not sure about you but I have at least one question.

Is this an argument of convenience?

If the current Feminist design is to reject individual females who may have been successful in their own right, does this continue what appears to be an established process of the selective analysis of their history, where they cherry pick what suits their agenda.

Political Feminists are quick to have a political conscience toward historical groups for the purpose of righting some historical wrong, but not an historical consciousness about their own history.

Have Feminists never got it wrong in their ideology of perfection?

Is there a double standard in the claim the we could do no wrong because we are only doing right?

Isn’t that the unfortunate side of history, that organizations are dogged by some degree of imperfection, some degree of failure, that is not realized at the time?

In today’s world, in today’s culture of knowledge and technology this is either turning a blind eye to wrong or a choice of objective failure.

Has every previous civilization reached a point of failure, perhaps because it lacked the ability of self analysis?

And is that still the case, that we too should allow the subjective destruction of our reality in a democracy where we have no choice but to vote for failure?

And it’s only Monday.