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Archive of July 2019

Divorce Proposition

Sun 28th July 2019:

New divorce law recommended by the Law Commissioner

60 Minutes – Incredible Story – Innocent Man Sent To Jail

Fri 26th July 2019:

Arrested. Put in jail. Ruined for money. Cheated out of his home. The police did not investigate claims. On this occasion one female detective picked up on inconsistencies and decided to investigate. It took 5 years. His parents spent AU$600,000 to find his innocence. Zero compensation. An a unbelievable toll to this man.

Alienated from Life

Tue 23rd July 2019:

The previous post is a discussion about parental alienation surfacing as a world issue and how some New Zealand citizens have taken it upon themselves to express an opinion on behalf of our country. An older post, Crusade for Free Speech discusses the role this issue played in undermining the essence of a democratic parliament, […]

Parental Alienation Disease

Sun 21st July 2019:

What was your instant reaction when you saw that … a disease? This is a proposal currently being given consideration by World Health. Previous posts on MENZ have debated child alienation from many angles but I don’t recall, disease. The process is probably following in the footsteps of addiction therapy which is mainly to do […]

I am a BOY,,, how am I supposed to be??????

Thu 18th July 2019:

I know two BOYS,,, one 8, one 10, Their Lady teachers talk to them in Baby talk, they are 8 and 10!,, 8 and 10!!! I see other Boys, often they have no Dad,,, their Mothers talk to them like Babies!!! Please some one tell me, who they will be, will they be okay, will […]

The Demonic Male

Tue 2nd July 2019:

This is where we are headed now. The day after the introduction of new Family Law Legislation we see the demonizing case carpet-bombing New Zealand media. This story from Australia is a used as a coordinated attack on our social perspective. There is a deliberate intention here, of simple-minded people who have no concern for […]

Family Violence Act 2018

Mon 1st July 2019:

This Act comes into force today, Monday 1st July 2019. It replaces the Domestic Violence Act that entered our legislation on the 1st July 1995. The elephant in the original act is that it was not designed for New Zealand by New Zealanders. It was the brain child of a bitter and twisted foreigner that […]

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