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Archive of August 2019

Meeting with Paul Hunt NZ Human Rights Commissioner

Wed 28th August 2019:

I am meeting with Paul Hunt the New Zealand Human Rights Commissioner on 16 September. I plan to discuss with him the gender politics of the NZHRC which appears to me to be ideological driven rather than rights driven. I will address a number of issues that disproportionately affect men or where men are neglected […]

Communication What Goes On in NZ Jails and Caught$

Mon 26th August 2019:

Fellow jailbirds, we need to communicate to the NZ public about the realities of what goes on in her magesties caught$ and jail$. Should we be more active in communicating to the public by holding art exhibitions? TĀMAKI MAKAURAU // 2-14 SEPTEMBER // STUDIO ONE TOI TŪ Opening Monday 2nd September // 5.30pm Prison […]


Fri 9th August 2019:

The Phrase FAMILY LAWYER is commonly used on the Ministry of Justice website. I am not sure WHY? In my experience there was a Lawyer for HER, a Lawyer for HIM, and a Lawyer for the Baby. Three Blind Lawyers, blind to the ‘FAMILY’. Trying to make sense of the process in the light of […]

Peter Ellis gets another appeal

Thu 1st August 2019:

Felicity was interviewed on Morning Report today about the forthcoming appeal by Peter Ellis. She says: “Basing a conviction purely on a child’s testimony, particularly when there has been a number of suggestive interviews that have taken place, is incredibly unsafe…not just for the person who gets wrongly convicted – it is incredibly damaging for […]

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